Internet Makes The World A Small Place

The Internet enabled me to reconnect with my friends, and also makes everyday communication easier than it has ever been.

I was 16 when I started using the internet. I lived in Dubai, and my dad had just bought a computer table and a new computer. My brothers and I were very excited to start using this new electronic device. I learned the keyboard functions and how to use the internet as time passed.

I got a job soon after I completed my degree and joined a few computer courses. My first job was in a Data entry position. Later, I went on to work in accounts, administration, operations, and logistics. I could wear multiple hats at my workplace. When someone was not available, I also worked as a backup staff.

Communication was not as instant as it is today

One day my parents called me and asked me to open a Facebook account.  “Facebook? What was that?!”

I didn’t know at that time that there was a site that allowed me to connect to a different world. My modes of communication were through mobile and e-mails, and I had never heard of Facebook. Communication was still not easy those days.

It took days and sometimes even months for me to call my parents, as they were in India. I missed them and my friends who left Dubai. There was one close friend from Gujarat, whom I missed a lot.

Some of my most cherished memories from my school days were with my best friends. Unfortunately, I lost all my phone contacts when my mobile got damaged. Day and night, only one thought kept lingering in my mind: to somehow find my Gujarati friend’s address or contact number. It was then that I decided to open an account on Facebook to find my friends.

Facebook helped me reconnect with my best friend

After a few days, my colleague helped me to open an account on Facebook. Since then, Facebook became a part of my daily routine. I may have even forgotten to pray or eat breakfast, but I wouldn’t forget to see Facebook. Every day, I would spend some time looking at posts and chatting with a few friends. I decided to keep in touch with my classmates, and one of my classmates turned out to be my best friend thanks to Facebook, and the Internet.

After a few years, when I took a career break, I got busy with household chores. Out of the blue one day, I got a phone call. Guess who it was? Yes! It was a call from my Gujarati friend. She had just landed in Dubai. Her voice still sounded the same.

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I was happy and excited to meet her. We both met at a shopping mall. Her son and my daughters had fun playing together. Guess what, I am seeing her after 7 years! She told me that she couldn’t return to Dubai as she was stranded in Gujarat due to the earthquake.

After a long conversation, we just couldn’t separate. The reminiscence of my childhood days and how we enjoyed those days were the main topics of our conversation. Cut to the present – we were older, married, had more responsibilities, and even looked much different compared to our past selves.

It was the most unforgettable day of my life.

The Internet was the bridge for many key aspects of my life

Again, thanks to the internet for connecting me with my old friend. I realized then that the world is a small place. These days, we have WhatsApp and multiple other ways to connect with friends.

Today I am thankful for the internet for helping me land my dream job, find my good old friends, and for enabling me to see my parents and relatives whenever I want to.

I am not alone anymore; I have friends far and near to help me whenever I need them.

Image Credit: Prodeep Ahmeed from Pixabay


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