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Hustle Culture Is Draining Your Energy, Have You Tried Procrastination?

Productivity is not the set amount of hours we stay in the office or university for, it is the ability to make the most use of your workday. It requires us to be deliberate about how we manage our time.

How many students or working professionals take time off for themselves?

I’ve heard several women and other people proudly tell me that they work from 8 AM and reach home back only at 9 PM.

Is productivity working for these set amount of hours? And why is working for so long glorified?

Productivity is not set in the number of hours we spend in the office

Well, productivity is not the set amount of hours we stay in the office or university for, it is the ability to make the most use of your workday. It requires us to be deliberate about how we manage our time.

Well, in the 21st century, thanks to Covid-19, we discovered new modes of work that could be far better than traditional ones.

I prefer working from home, what do you think?

I have seen so many posts online telling me to sign up for online courses, learn a new skill and use my extra time productively.

While this is certainly helpful, trying to be productive can be extremely stressful. I’m sure people who already go through stress and anxiety might find it hard to be productive even during their free time.

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The glorification of being busy does not make this any easier

I think that trying to do everything at once and taking up too many tasks will have a negative impact, as opposed to taking things slowly. As much as productivity is important, taking it slow and giving importance to rest, and our mental health is equally important.

Taking too much on our plate, more than we can handle, will eventually lead to burnout.

On average, people who say that they have major work-based stress problems sleep thirty minutes less per night compared to those who have less or no work-based stress.

What about procrastination?

We all do that, don’t we? Everyone procrastinates, it is part of our brain function.

We cannot be on hyper-work mode 24/7, the mind needs rest. Just like our smartphones malfunction temporarily when multiple tabs are open on it, our brains tend to cease working for a few moments now and then.

Statistics say that 95% of the population in the U.S. procrastinate from time to time.

Did you know that it can make you more productive?

It helps you to set goals, prioritize them, save time, work more efficiently and creatively.

It’s always good to know how to procrastination productively!

Now, how to maximize our strengths?

  • Make a list of what you know you are good at.
  • Think about your hidden talents.
  • Examine how to use your strengths more, and try to teach others.

I know that it’s simple to say, but it might take time and effort to accomplish it, but in the end. And it is worth giving a try, isn’t it?

Image source: Stills from, The Interns| Episode 1 – Every Girl Ever| Girliyapa Originals On YouTube.


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