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Male Privilege Is Real And Frankly, I Am Tired Of It

When I say, "Male privilege Is real." Many oppose me, citing changing times. Sure, but can we stop talking about it till male privilege doesn’t exist and gender discrimination is put to rest for good.

I’ll start by explaining what is male privilege? For people who do not know, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a system of advantages and rights available only to men, solely on the basis of their gender.

Now, I have had so many people coming at me saying it isn’t real and that times are changing. Sure, times are changing, but can we stop talking about it till male privilege doesn’t exist and gender discrimination is put to rest for good.

Whom are we even kidding?

In the country that I live in, India, male privilege is there, and it’s very real!

There are certain things that only men can do. And, mind you: these are basic things.

It can be something as simple as taking a stroll on the streets at night, and going out alone, or something as complex as not living with the fear of being groped, harassed or eve teased by a bunch of men.

There are many instances that prove male privilege is real are many

“Horrendous Things Happen To Women Every Day”

Don’t even try to fight me saying it happens to men too. Because, what happens to women is a systemic problem, while what happens to men isn’t.

If you are a girl living in India, you might have often heard: “He can do it, you can’t. He can go out alone because he is a guy”.

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Or, you often got frantic calls from your parents when it’s dark, and you aren’t home. You have to be closeted and take care of yourself. You have to be home before it gets dark. Why?

Because, you are a woman and the possibilities of something bad happening to you is way too high. Because, all you are and will ever be is a piece of meat ready to be devoured.

Think about all the hungry glances and the nasty stares you get when you’re out alone; and the shivers that go down your spine when you’re rushing home because of the horrendous things that happen to women on an everyday basis.

Women Are Expected To Obey Their Male Guardians

Imagine saying that male privilege isn’t real and doesn’t exist after all this! The patriarchal setup is such that men get to do whatever they want to, and get away with a lot of it because “men will be men”. And, who will hurt a man? For a man can defend himself! Women? Not so much…

A woman without a man is a walking piece of meat, with no head of her own, and is in constant need of protection. She won’t even be taken seriously without a man in her life. First, it’s her dad or brother, and later, her husband.

Women are constantly expected to be a shadow of the dominant male member of their family and do as they are told by their male “guardian”.

Men can be men, and all their achievements will be the talk of the town, whereas a woman has to go above and beyond to prove her worth. She is still labelled as unruly just because of the gender she is assigned and had no control over.

The Pay Gap Is Real, Women Are Paid Less

Whatever women do is undermined. It’s the double standards that our so-called “society” is made up of.

Be it men getting paid more for the same job; or how the person in-charge automatically starts talking to the man because they think men comprehend information better and that women are not meant to talk about business matters. We belong in the kitchen, right?

And, the fact that it’s so instinctive is the bigger problem. Why do people assume that the man will understand better?

Another instance that points to sexism involves a big company who was recently called out for giving deals on utensils and home appliances, on International Women’s Day.

Because, obviously, all women want are utensils for the kitchen, right? Everything outside the household, there’s a fight. Opinionated women with a head of their own are villianised and ostracized.

I Won’t Stop Talking Till Patriarchy Is In The Past

The constant sexism and being looked down upon on the basis of one’s gender is what my brain fails to comprehend. We are living in 2022 and being put in a box because of being born of a certain gender.

This has to stop!

Let. Women. Live.


Let women do as they please. They don’t need your permission for anything and don’t owe you squat! Why the extra privilege for being of a particular gender? What do men do better than women? Nothing that I can think of.

And, no, I will not stop talking about the injustices that a woman born in India has to endure, till patriarchy is put to rest for good and there’s absolute equality! Saying that it’s changing is not enough until it’s completely changed.

Image Source: Still from Life Talk’s Things Working Women Are Sick Of Hearing From Youtube. Edited on CanvaPro

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