Flowers By Miley Cyrus Celebrates Women Who Choose To Love Themselves

For someone who’s been in toxic relationships, Flowers by Miley Cyrus hits too close to home. It's better getting out of these.

Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus has taken the internet by storm. It has shattered one-week records on Spotify with over 100 million streams.

Miley Cyrus dropped the first song ‘Flowers’ from her much-awaited album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’. It’s Miley’s version of the Bruno Mars song ‘when I was your man’, where Bruno talks about what he would do for the woman he loved.

Bruno is talking about how he lost the woman he loved due to his selfishness, and now he regrets not giving her his all as she’s with someone else. However, he wishes to be her man again and do the things he didn’t do for her when they were together.

Miley Cyrus released ‘Flowers’, a line-by-line reply to the song. It’s a post-divorce song, and reportedly, her ex-husband dedicated ‘Wish I was your man’ by Bruno Mars to Miley. She released it on her ex-husband’s birthday too.

Flowers by Miley Cyrus is a powerful anthem for women everywhere

Flowers by is such a powerful song about self-love and discovery. It should be every woman’s anthem to leave that toxic relationship behind and embrace herself again. Miley talks about how she doesn’t need a man to buy her ‘flowers’ or hold her hand. She can do it herself.

If you haven’t watched the video of Flowers by Miley Cyrus yet, do yourselves a favour and watch it. The symbolism has given me chills down my spine.

The video starts with Miley in a golden gown (which signifies the relationship she was in). As the song progresses, she strips that golden gown off, and returns to her authentic self. By wearing what she likes, she regains her power, takes complete control of her life, dances with herself, and finally is in love with herself, all over again.)

For someone who’s been in toxic relationships, Flowers hits too close to home

It’s very easy to lose yourself while trying to be with someone, and the worst part is that you don’t even notice. Later when you leave the relationship that was holding you back, only then you realise how much it’s taken from you. As a 22-year-old, what I’ve really understood so far is that, you are not supposed to fix anyone. It’s not your job. Women are not rehab centres for problematic men.

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Bollywood has sold us this narrative for too long where a pixie manic dream girl fixes a dark soul who doesn’t smile or talk and has no purpose in life (What he really needs is a therapist, by the way), and fills his life with colours which now changes and is fixed by the pixie manic dream girl. Ladies, let me break it down for you. It doesn’t work like that.

It’s not your job to ‘fix’ broken men. You don’t deserve to be with someone like that. You should be with someone who is constantly working on themselves and makes you happy.

As cliche as it sounds, love yourself first. Only then can you love someone else, and that’s vice versa. Only someone who has love for themselves in their heart can give love to others.

And at the end, as Miley said, you can buy yourself flowers and hold your hand. So you don’t need anybody to do that for you. It’s 2023, and we believe in self-love and acceptance.

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