Nidhi Chawla, Co-Founder Of Silver Talkies, Says, “No Learning Goes Waste!”

Co-founder of Silver Talkies, Nidhi Chawla, says, "We established this firm in 2014 to bring happiness to the lives of older adults."

Excerpts from an interview with Nidhi Chawla, co-founder of Silver Talkies, whose vision is to create an empowered society of older adults who have learnt to take care of themselves and can age with grace and dignity.

When did you start Silver Talkies and what was the intention?

In the words of Nidhi Chawla, co-founder Of Silver Talkies-

We established Silver Talkies as a firm in 2014 to bring cheer and happiness to the lives of older adults. With ageing parents at home, we realized how old age can be lonely, boring and also debilitating if not filled with interesting things to do, activities of all forms promoting holistic well-being.

We wanted to create a community platform exclusively for older adults where they could not only meet like-minded individuals from their peer group but also inculcate learning, hobbies and wellness into their routine without any inhibitions or limitations of age.

We also wanted to empower them with skills, independence and information; engage them with a diverse and lively routine and add the experience of a vibrant community.

Also, we wanted to redefine ageing and the associated norms by putting a spotlight on positive and inspiring stories of ageing. Since then, our mission has been to promote active ageing as the most promising form of preventive healthcare and make it a desirable and viable goal for all older adults.

Our vision is to create an empowered society of older adults who have learnt to take care of themselves and can age with grace and dignity.

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What was the biggest challenge you faced in starting the company?

The biggest challenge was that we were entering a very new space. Senior care was almost non-existent when we started. We are considered pioneers in the active ageing space for that very reason.

There is a huge focus on physical health but not much awareness about the importance of holistic well-being, especially emotional and social health. This challenge exists to date, and we are fighting daily.

Pandemic did bring these issues to the forefront but there is still a long way to go before people start investing in their own or their parents’ holistic well-being.

What is the biggest mistake you made while starting your company in the initial few years?

The biggest mistake was working with the assumption that inking collaborations can be easy. I assumed that like me everyone else would not want to reinvent the wheel and would like to leverage partnerships for mutual benefit.

I discovered along the way that almost everyone comes into discussions for the highest personal gain or greater brand visibility, making equal partnerships unattainable. I grew wiser and started looking out for ourselves along the way.

If there was one thing you could advise to a budding woman entrepreneur, what would it be?

Stay true and honest to your passion and keep innovating/ pivoting. It can be a long bumpy road but then it’s a tremendous learning curve and no learning goes waste even if your venture may.

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