Lakshmipraba U S, Founder Of Prithvimitra Says, “Work On An Idea That Can Add Value To Society!”

Lakshmipraba U S, the founder-director of Prithvimitra Innovations(OPC) Private Limited wants to inspire 10 million people across the world to enable a low waste world.

Excerpts from an interview with Lakshmipraba U S, the founder and director of Prithvimitra Innovations(OPC) Private Limited, which offers consultancy and advisory services on waste management solutions, composting, and toxin-free living.

When did you start Prithvimitra Innovations(OPC) Private Limited and what was the intention?

In the words of Lakshmipraba U S, the founder and director of Prithvimitra Innovations(OPC) Private Limited

I started my company in April 2021 formally but my journey of sustainable living started as seed 8 years ago to be a conscious consumer without burdening the earth, water and air.

The intention of starting my Company Prithvimitra is to promote conscious living and enable a low waste and toxin-free world.

I want to bring available and accessible waste management solutions to communities, and build capacity for people to handle their programme on waste management, composting and toxin-free living.

I want to work with schools to create traction on the issues early on with children and enable small businesses to become changemakers. The aim is also for livelihood generation through clean eco-services.

The idea is to convert my passion to purpose to inspire 10 million people across the world.

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What was the biggest challenge you faced in starting the company?

The biggest challenge I would say was finance and the belief in success to reach high impact.

What is the biggest mistake you made while starting your company in the initial few years?

At that time clarity was missing on what my core strength areas were. I got the clarity with the help of business mentors, networking groups like HEN, TLC, spiritual mentors and emotional intelligence mentors.

If there was one thing you could advise to a budding woman entrepreneur, what would it be?

Believe in yourself and venture out on the idea that you enjoy and that can add value to you and society.

Learning never stops. Invest your time, money and energy to upgrade yourself as an ongoing process and be in the sangha of mentors and people who can uplift you.

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Image source: Lakshmipraba U S via LinkedIn.

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