Mukta Bahrani, Founder & Director Of The Better Zone Says, Know Your ‘Why’!

Mukta Bahrani, founder & director of The Better Zone knew what motivated her. She knew what would keep her moving ahead on this journey!

Excerpts from an interview with Mukta Bahrani, founder & director of The Better Zone, that ‘helps you become the best version of yourself!’

When did you start The Better Zone and what was the intention?

In the words of Mukta Bahrani, founder & director of The Better Zone

I started my company in 2017 to help people in building their confidence, self-esteem, their soft skills and to enhance their brand.

People focus a lot on their hard skills, but not on their soft skills, missing out on some amazing opportunities. I wanted to guide people in developing these skills, their personalities and Interpersonal skills.

I associate with companies as well as individuals and customize programs for them to give them the best!

What was the biggest challenge you faced in starting the company?

I was alone and was going to quit my corporate job for something uncertain. I had no team, no strategy, no funds, no guidance, and no coach. It was just me and my talent, skills and determination.

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Freelancing takes time, patience and hard work, but this was something I loved to do, and it helps people become better, successful, and happier in their personal and professional life.

That was my motivation, and I knew that will keep driving me to enhance more and more lives.

What is the biggest mistake you made while starting your company in the initial few years?

My mistake was that I tried to do it alone, right from content creation, to business development, and marketing to actual training delivery, it was all me. And that made everything so difficult.

It is only now that I’m in the process of forming a team.

If there was one thing you could advise to a budding woman entrepreneur, what would it be?

There will be times when you’re unsure, and people might demotivate you but believe in yourself.

Be practical, but be a visionary, and know your ‘why’. It will drive you to go forward, and make your beautiful journey possible!

You might fall, but don’t give up. Rise again, and shine again!

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