Prioritize Yourself Everyday, Not Just As A Women’s Day Special!

In the humdrum of daily life, we keep trying to meet expectations from others. Rarely do we stop and think what we as women want.

We as women always prioritize others and the perception of that others have of us. We are so very dedicated to taking care of others, that often we forget the most important person in our life, “US”.

Since childhood we are taught to take care of others and as we grow older, the responsibility, if only, increases. From being a daughter, sister, wife and mother, we grow to reflect what others think about us.

Women are expected to come with the ticked boxes in a checklist, slim and trim, fair, caring, sensitive, docile, etc, etc, etc.

Trying to meet these expectations…

And in the humdrum of life, we keep trying to meet these expectations. Rarely do we stop and think what we as women want.

The consumerism in India doesn’t help either. With brands promoting fairness, age reduction crème, long shiny hair, and other such parameters of unrealistic beauty standards, it is hardly having a positive impact on women of today.

People and brands talk about a picture-perfect image, verses wellness of women. The celebrities posing photo shopped images on the covers of crème de la crème fashion magazine are making the women of today to behave irresponsibly towards their wellness, to come close to these unrealistic personas. The quick fix solutions marketed by the chemical brands do more damage than good. And in the process, lead to a lower self-confidence and insecurity in the users.

…leads to a host of issues we don’t need

And we end up with the majority of women today not just having physical health issues but also mental and emotional health issues.

There needs to be a change and awareness about wellness and health of women and should be the focus too.

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This change needs to start with the women themselves. They need to make choice every day for themselves, to nourish their body and soul and to not fall in trap of the current marketing gimmicks. Women should priorities body positivity and personal growth; education and learning. In this age and era women are not supposed to be defined by looks alone.

Women are more than others’ expectations

Women are pilots, army officers, politicians, CEOs; leading nations and companies towards a newer and more evolved era.

What women should aspire is for wellness. And this Women’s Day we should pledge to prioritize ourselves.

We should dedicate that one hour for yoga, meditation or exercise, spend time on hobbies, read books, listen to music dance. Take a break, breathe and live in the moment.

Yes, women have taken care of others for long, now it’s time to take care of themselves.

Happy Women’s Day to all women from all women.

Image source: a still from the film Listen, Amaya!

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