Neha Dhupia To New Moms: Your PostPartum Body Is Normal And Does Not Need ‘Fixing’

Neha Dhupia speaks about her postpartum body - it's normal to gain weight after childbirth, have stretch marks, and to take time to heal. So new moms, don't let social expectations make you feel guilty!

Neha Dhupia speaks about her postpartum body – it’s normal to gain weight after childbirth, have stretch marks, and to take time to heal. So new moms, don’t let social expectations make you feel guilty!

Recently Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi turned parents again and they welcomed a baby boy to their family. Ever since then, Neha Dhupia has been promoting postpartum body acceptance and body positivity among mothers who have gained weight or are self-conscious about their current experience, as motherhood is not easy.

In a recent interview with ET Times, actor Neha Dhupia said that while she would like to regain the body she had prior to the birth of her two children, she is happy and comfortable with her postpartum body.

“I want to go back to my pre-natal body which I had before my two kids,” she said with a laugh. “But the truth is that I am happy in the body that I have right now, and we need to stop overthinking. I am in my postpartum body right now, there was someone in me and I am left like a bag, but I feel so good to be able to give life and I speak for all mothers. Don’t put yourself through it, don’t overthink.”

Motherhood is difficult in and of itself, but it’s even more difficult in the pandemic. Not only does the newborn require a lot of attention, but the mother must also be looked after.

Don’t let societal norms dictate your postpartum journey

Your body is not the problem, nor does your body need fixing. Don’t let societal norms dictate your postpartum journey.

We wonder why so many new moms suffer from postpartum depression or anxiety after giving birth, yet society is totally ignorant of the pressures placed on them that go beyond the obligation to appear a certain way. Ironically, the same society and culture asks moms to “enjoy every element of being a mother” and simultaneously yells into their faces with questions, “Why haven’t you lost weight yet?”

Neha Dhupia’s statements send a strong message of postpartum body acceptance. It’s normal to gain weight after childbirth and it’s very normal to have stretch marks. Post-pregnancy, it’s natural for the mother’s body to take time to heal. So why are we letting societal pressure to make us believe it isn’t?

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During childbirth, a woman’s body undergoes significant changes, and it also impacts our mental well-being. New moms, in particular, experience exhaustion and stress. It’s high time for society, to begin normalising post-partum body in the way that it should be.

Support them instead of criticizing their postpartum body

New moms often don’t talk about the grief, the loss, or the longing for the life they had before the childbirth. Furthermore, experiencing postpartum body image issues is frequently misread by the outside world in ways that completely negate what new mothers are going through – both, longing for the pre-pregnancy life and body, and being content in the post-pregnancy boy, are normal, so don’t feel guilty or judge.

Do not fall for the cultural expectation that women will ‘bounce back’ post-pregnancy; women are not objects to bounce back!

If you know anybody who has recently had a child, the one thing you must do is not to remark on their body at all. “You’ve lost weight!” is often regarded as a compliment, however people lose weight for a variety of reasons, including illness or depression. Furthermore, it focuses on their body instead of them as a person and a new mom.

A better method to start a discussion with them: Inquire about their feelings and express your joy at their baby.

Image source: Neha Dhupia/ Instagram

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