What Defines A ‘Bold’ Woman, If Not Her Ability To Free Herself From Society’s Shackles!

According to society, being 'bold' means wearing shorts and backless clothes. However, that isn't at all about being bold, it is much more!

According to society, being ‘bold’ means wearing shorts and backless clothes. However, that isn’t at all about being bold, it is much more!

Bold (Adj.): Brave or Spirited.

Synonyms: Strength, resilience, audacious or forward.

When a woman bangs the road ahead of her boundaries and aims to at professions that males have set foot on, drives risks and works with courage, she is bold. She is also bold when she is able to stand all alone on her own and asks for her rights and responsibilities

However, when a woman decides to be bold, society’s complete perspective alters – yes, it absolutely does! The old society switches to a modern society and the status of women become equal to men. Wait, really?

Let’s dig a little more into the gravity of this ‘boldness.’

The patriarchal society suppresses every female since her birth. She is taught and conditioned to be involved in all the household chores. Getting involved in household chores isn’t really the concern, however, only being involved in those is.

What does being ‘bold’ really mean?

If these notions are changed from an early age, she would probably discover herself in a way to reach her peak. She would probably be able to understand and revel in her own mental and physical power.

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To change situations and to stop people from looking down upon us, I believe we need to say this. ‘I wear a bra, I have a vagina and I get menstrual cramps. In fact, I can give birth and no one can be who I am. For this is why I love myself for being a woman. And I shall keep repeating this until my last breath.’

So tell me, is being bold solely restricted to backless blouses or shorts? Or even the sleeveless string tops or heavily padded bras that lift one’s cleavage? No!

Wearing any of these does not make or break anyone’s personality. A woman’s personality is far beyond what you see in commercial films and in pop culture.

She’s bold when she decides to break away!

When a woman decides to free herself from any mental or physical pressures that arise due to social stigma, she is a bold lady! At the same time, when she chooses not to share her bed with her husband owing to any reason, she is a bold lady. When she steps out of her comfort zone and dares to do what she wants, she is bold.

Women aren’t only in your life to dazzle in the jewellery or hide them within their own selves. Instead, they are there to shoot and smash the taboos society constantly puts on them. I believe the hands that chop the vegetables in the kitchen can just as easily stab if required.

Honestly, I don’t know about you but when I say I am a woman, I directly signify a full circle. Within a woman, resides the power to create, nurture and transform. For her, being bold is and has always been challenging and a tough job because being bold doesn’t solely mean showing passion and courage. In fact, it means to continue moving on with the same energy, dedication and determination.

This is what being bold means to me!

The women around neither you nor me plead for appreciation, they only ask for the respect they rightly deserve. Well, there always exists the argument around exceptions. But that isn’t really our context, is it? Today’s world demands independent and fearless women who can battle society’s rulebook for their own liberty and autonomy.

As a girl, I yearn to lead a successful life equipped with integrity. A lady packed with smartness, self-sufficiency and who can stand firmly on her own decisions. I want to refuse to follow the crowd for my commitment. That is being a bold girl for me. Fight and struggle for your own living but do not give up the best in you that will promise to help you shine. I believe beauty catches the heart but the character gains attention.

The practical implementation of gender equality has forever been very rare. It is still a distant dream indeed. At the same time, I am not denying the efforts of the generation where men and women have the same opportunities and are measured on the same scale.

However, it is also true that there exists a mentality that believes that a woman’s deeds are only to build and take care of the house. The mentality that believes a woman is bound to carry a baby someday because, after a period of time, she would have nothing more to offer her husband. It believes that producing a baby is the only thing she can offer her husband to keep the spark alive in their marriage.

Well, here’s what I think…

Just because you and I are treated well in our families, it doesn’t mean that a number of women haven’t experienced the other side too. Often, coming to the streets is easier than refusing to treat the same gender as only baby-making machines or only for sex. In such times, being bold means commencing the change within us and our families and communities.

Often, I wonder about the significance of International Women’s Day. Does it only emphasise our rights? It also assures that we are special, doesn’t it? But dear ladies, wherever you are, and whoever you are, if you feel voiceless inside or don’t feel special from within, do days like these really matter? (That’s just what I think, honestly.)

Come one, now, repeat after me, ‘Boldness is an integral part of me to have a content life without having to sacrifice my liberty and ideas. The number of times I am humiliated, directly or indirectly, I will not budge from my stand. I will stand firm and speak out loudly. And I will continue being myself in front of everyone!’

Don’t you all agree?

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Manmarziyaan

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