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Not A Housewife, But An Artist

Posted: November 2, 2018

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What would you call a person who till hell freezes prospers in splashing a bucket full of warm vibes to your entire living?

“When she was decorating the wall with paintings,

You perceived her as the usual homemaker handling one of the corners of the house

I saw an artist herself adorning every single wall of the empire.”

Only when you were settled on a fact that designing the framework of your roof was the only major effort that created your living, you probably never noticed that delicate yet well-founded pillar turning out to the entire roof every sole day, every single year and throughout these decades.

Well, not much of an issue, since evermore it is solely the building and its appeal that melts the eyes and they never even touch the pillars to look into how withstanding could be this tough yet achievable.

Only when you thought that constructing a home is nothing more than furnishing it with paint and marbles, ever enquired on who takes the helm of framing the entire from dawn to dusk?

When you moved in, it was just a gateway. You didn’t realise when you just walked through the path of that gateway to the mansion. As the one who illustrated the whole journey, who created the path of leading, never waited for a pat on the back.

You only had an eye on the dollars arriving at the door and never witnessed the supervision of the manager.

If you ever remarked that every single time whatever and however you desire, you get it right on your fingertips then believe me there already exists an hour hand by your side, un-interrupting the flow.

She is that tyre of the burdened truck that never punctures and never imbalanced.

She is that widget that is competent enough to take hold of every production regardless of any turbulence.

She is one such employee whose excellence for repeated standout presentations never fails for decades yet not looking forward to definite take-home transactions.

The one who has always been loyal to her levelheadedness even on free days, in point of fact deserves to be seated on the Chair Of Honour.

Even if you address her as a homemaker, I would address her as the creator.

Who shall she ask for the title she deserves since, the out of nowhere bulletins say there’s no title when you don’t earn it.

What would you call a person who, till hell freezes, prospers in splashing a bucket full of warm vibes to your entire living?

Defining an artist is just like illustrating the beauty of the mountains and the blues; no end of perceiving the image. On a collateral note, there exist no such narrow outlining and limitations of an artist, or how you see it.

Because An Artist is anyway An Artist!

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Image Source – Pexels

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