Shrestha Purkayastha

A 22-year old Media student, a writer, a blogger and an artist whose pen bleeds the ink of thought bubbles stuffed with a million inner voices.

Voice of Shrestha Purkayastha

What Defines A ‘Bold’ Woman, If Not Her Ability To Free Herself From Society’s Shackles!

According to society, being 'bold' means wearing shorts and backless clothes. However, that isn't at all about being bold, it is much more!

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Why Does Not Wanting To Have Sex With My Partner Mean I Don’t Love Him?

Why is it so hard to understand having sex is a choice and not an order to obey? Having sex is something you do willingly, not when it's imposed upon you!

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Stop Making The Recovery From A Mental Health Illness A Competition!

After a celeb death, it is easy to say, 'Oh why did he kill himself! He could've talked.' But do you ever say, 'I wish I could’ve stopped criticising you?'

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I Hope You Didn’t Just Adopt Rainbow Filters For Pride Month, But Stood Up For Them Too!

Pride month just went past. Did you adopt a rainbow filter on your social media handle? If you're cis-het like me, do you know what it means?

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Since Feminism Isn’t Male Bashing Stop Saying ‘Not All Men’ Every Time You Hear The Word ‘Feminism’!

Feminism was never about male bashing, it was always about equality and empowerment. So can we quit throwing #NotAllMen at the feminists?

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Thousand Words Left Unsaid

I have millennium things to say to you and a millennium reasons not to…

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Not A Housewife, But An Artist

What would you call a person who till hell freezes prospers in splashing a bucket full of warm vibes to your entire living?

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Anmol Roderiguez Has Faced Adversity Right From Childhood, But Brings Smiles To Many Today

Anmol Roderiguez was burnt as a very young child, when her father threw acid on her mother. Today, she is an Instagram sensation, sought after by brands and lives life tall. 

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What’s Your Take?

You demand her to be perfectyet you keep on reminding her of the imperfections built in her

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