Anmol Roderiguez Has Faced Adversity Right From Childhood, But Brings Smiles To Many Today

Anmol Roderiguez was burnt as a very young child, when her father threw acid on her mother. Today, she is an Instagram sensation, sought after by brands and lives life tall. 

Anmol Roderiguez was burnt as a very young child, when her father threw acid on her mother. Today, she is an Instagram sensation, sought after by brands and lives life tall. 

Why does humankind feel bound to accept that a woman has to be ‘gorgeous’ in any way, or a treat to gaze at? Sadly or sometimes unknowingly, fellow beings have had a frame of mind that it’s just the appearance of a person that defines her identity and reflects her beauty whereas the innermost fact is that the truth resides in the heart.

It’s not the flesh that drapes a person, it is the purity of heart that brings that hint of allure to the face! 

Most likely, we do not believe in such famous phrases until we perceive it in the true sense, isn’t it? How lovely it would be to know such a person and to leaf through the amazing journey of a living sparkler sharing  the same platform with us, yet residing in her self-created corner of unconditional love for the nation, it’s survivors and a huge heart that welcomes every hollow heart.

This amazing woman, someone who is worth laying eyes on, is no less than a legend to address, and is none other than Miss Anmol Rodriguez. A single phrase is enough to learn more about her and how she defines bravery: “Once an acid attack survivor, now stealing the flash of every lens and a hard as nails pillar to every broken life.” 

Braving the boundaries of wounds and pain since she was a toddler,

She has withstood every rugged path only to shine as radiant as the stars.

From trying hard to shed even the last drop of tears her eyes were bearing,

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To being the living reason for every such survivor’s smile.

Battles shall never end but this lady is a constant winner!

The hidebound minds who concluded their statements by predicting an end to her life did not possibly have an idea that she was meant to be a title-holder, where the beginnings take the lead and the endings stand nowhere in sight.

She stands strong to define her own sense of fashion and that fashion isn’t just about brands and tags but about the soul that carries it all the way.

She has taken a big lead on Instagram where a single beat from her reaches out as a billion dollar voice. Once hesitant to step out because of her burned face, she is now an Instagram sensation for a hundred thousand followers.

The lady who steadily believes in her self-defined terms of life is in no need of penning down essays on herself as undoubtedly, her eyes conveying a hundred words conclude it all.

If ever you feel life is worthless, then make an effort to perceive the world through her eyes; you’ll see  that you haven’t yet reached the summit.

When you are startled by the thunder, just spare a moment to imagine this graceful lady’s wonderful smile, as that smile has fairly counted every second of the thunderous storm.

Superwoman isn’t just a word – it is a loud message that is audible if only you leaf through her poignant yet incredible journey so far.

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