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You demand her to be perfectyet you keep on reminding her of the imperfections built in her

You demand her to be perfect…yet you keep on reminding her of the imperfections built in her…

You demand her to be that pillar of  your house, that could bear the entire roof for lifetime,

yet she can’t criticise, instead, she is led to the field of criticism

You can’t stand her outburst nor you can take her hysterics,

as you demand her to be the bearer of your lists with a seal on her utterance

You have decided that either she carries the weight of compromise or sacrifice,

but Oh neither she can’t choose to be a part of one, nor none, but both

At times, she gets nuts on analysing the continuous confusion that is she a being of flesh and blood or is she a balancing machine?

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because either way, this is what the entire percentage expects her to be

She is expected to be that key of happiness that has to work properly according to requirement

but may be you never noticed that even the keys get junked after a point of time

Either they are awarded with the tag of the reason of seventh heaven or the reason of boredom. Certainly what a contrast!

You demand her to be perfect

yet you keep on reminding her of the imperfections built in her

Anyway she has to keep going until and unless her skin comes off and the nerves give up

You lose, and she is declared to be the ultimate failure

You get imbalanced and she is declared to be the fault bearer as she couldn’t withstand

You lied but they say may be she couldn’t hear properly

You have an endless list to satisfy you but then she has been reminded on a repeated note that she wasn’t competent enough

She can undoubtedly let go of your hundred faults but her single fault becomes a highlight for the rest of the decades

Our circle demands her to be bold but Ah! She isn’t allowed to express the same

And even if she turns her back to be one such, you declare her to be dull and dead

Answer me what, is she some kind of a resource of excitement that she is bound to carry in herself?

What if she refuses to be none?

What if she refuses for the trials?

What if she refuses to groom herself as an ideal?

What if she can’t fulfil any of your desired lists?

What if she chose to not to be a part of the game?

Will you still have the nerves to accept her?

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