Don’t Take Life Too Seriously & 9 Other Life Lessons For My Younger Self

Have you ever wondered if you could give advice to your younger self? What would you say? Here are 10 things I'd tell my younger self!

Have you ever wondered if you could give advice to your younger self? What would you say? Here are 10 things I’d tell my younger self!

A while ago, I was looking for some old documents of mine and I got ahold of an old album of mine from my college days. As I looked at the photos, each photo had some memory to remind me.

That’s when a thought came to mind – what if I had the chance to give some advice to my younger self? And if I did have the chance, what advice would that be?

For one, I would want my younger self to know that life is a journey and we all have the chance to explore every moment only once. We experience different situations but each moment is unique in itself. 

Here are some other pieces of advice that I would want to give my younger self.

10 life lessons for my younger self

Only two things matter to get the desired results – the willingness to do so and the action taken!

You will always find a way when you are willing to do something.

The most important time is now, and the most important person is the one you are with. And the most important thing is to be kind to others.

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Don’t take life too seriously, smile

Admire other people’s beauty without questioning your own.

Create more content than you consume. This might sound a little hard to understand, but let me explain. I was watching a YouTube video where the YouTuber said we have a lot of information available at our disposal now. And sometimes just watching and reading drains us out.

So to maintain the life balance you need to create/produce more content. The content can be anything from a small to a large task. Life seems more fulfilling when you create more than you consume.

When in doubt, sit silently and observe. Have faith that if the universe has chosen you to do the task, so be it. And be as best in that situation as you can be!

Just keep growing!

Be confident and break this boundary wall of doubts and fear that you’ve created for yourself. New learnings and opportunities are waiting outside this wall – take the first step and grow.

Life never ceases to grow. Keep growing!

Trust your process, whatever has been your journey so far. Just trust it, you will always be supported. In return, support others selflessly, be kind.

And lastly and most important of all, take care of yourself. Unless you care for yourself first, you cannot care for others.

Picture credits: Still from Marathi movie Bucket List

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