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As A Girl Who Bleeds Red, I Can Empower & Uplift Others With My Strength!

Posted: April 6, 2021

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I wear red to boost my courage and confidence. So I don’t lean on others for their inspiration or approval!

Trigger warning – This post mentions domestic and physical abuse which may be triggering to survivors and certain audiences.

I bleed red to procreate,
Another universe I carry in my womb,
To contribute positively to the world,
Showing my gratitude for bearing me too.

I wear red to boost myself,
My courage and confidence determine me,
And, I shouldn’t lean on others,
For inspiration and approval.

I also bleed red when you beat me,
Violet, blue and black also follow,
Yet, I don’t surrender to your whimsical demands,
For my indefinable energy doesn’t let me so.

I dare to colour this world,
With the red of my own self,
My being, a separate entity,
Irrespective of your expectations.

In this red mingle other colours,
The bubbly and optimistic yellow,
And, the fascinating and enthusiastic orange,
Lighting up the worlds of others too.

I can be saintly or a witch,
With my soothing and red eyes,
Bewitching and captivating,
I can wreak havoc when I choose to.

Judge me not, therefore,
You’ll forever be baffled,
For I am me, and it won’t suit you,
I’m irreplaceable, and that makes me happy.

Like blood groups, I may differ,
Yet, the common string binds us,
We, women, know how to uplift,
Empower and inspire others as well.

Picture credits: Still from Whisper’s #BreakTheSilence campaign on YouTube

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