Trolls Who Target Off-Screen Lives Of Actresses, Please Focus On Better Issues!

In a bid to show empowered women, the writers create a terrible scenario. Why does a woman need to wear saree, be naïve and pure white to be the ideal woman? You can be a strong woman in your PJs!

Be it the recent trolling of Alia’s make-up tutorial or no make-up look or the telly actresses, it is clear that you cannot put a full stop to it.

Remember that story where a couple was riding a donkey, and they listened to passers-by expressing their dissent, and tried to please them. They could never accomplish what they intended to do?

The downpour of criticisms seems just like that to me. It’s happening within the house where people posing as family members are ceaselessly maligning, judging, hating and bickering over a petty issue. So, the same thing happening with celebrities in the bigger world isn’t something alien. Surprisingly, I have encountered people cussing even while cheering- out of sheer excitement!

Women in TV serials have a right to live their own lives off it!

Ok, so now I come to the main issue. It’s about telly heroines. Whenever we switch on the TV, we come across ladies in heavy make-up, gorgeous sarees, always tip-top and mouthing juicy and spicy dialogues. Even teenagers are portrayed as married and getting pregnant (and we talk about sex education, liberty of children to tread on their paths, and not forcing marriage!)

Against such a background when these heroines appear in their casual ‘normal’ looks outside the screen, they aren’t welcomed. It’s hard to believe that they can wear bikini and relax by the beachside. Even a sleeveless dress is highly condemnable. They receive torrent of insults, abusive remarks, and the trolling goes out of control.

Fan-following or whatever this cult is, assumes that the women depicted on-screen will continue to remain so after their work is over. They are entertainers and they get paid for it. Whatever they do with their lives before or after work isn’t anybody’s concern. Unless their behaviour harms their job or anybody else, let them be.

It’s undeniable that the gross and regressive depiction of women in everyday TV soaps is detrimental to all minds. Always coaxed to marry and later fall in love with the person they dislike, joint family melodrama- are the nightmarish themes ruling the TRPs. Why do the makers ignore the real women in their everyday lives? The stark imbalance results in such trolling and memes.

Don’t the trolls have better things to do with their time?

Instead of being worried about make-up and no make-up looks, dresses and lives of celebrities, these wise owls can write to or pressurize the makers to showcase authenticity through their storytelling. Pure comedy has disappeared from the screen. In a bid to show empowered women, the writers create a terrible scenario. Why does a woman need to wear saree, be naïve and pure white to be the ideal woman? You can be a strong woman in your PJs, skipping argument, solo travelling, and having a laidback lifestyle. She can do everything beyond the conventional comprehension of masses. What can be worse? Most women portrayed in the daily serials are created by women!

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Another pointer is that why don’t such observing people focus on the pressing issues? Dengue has become a severe problem in Bengal. Pollution is common to all the regions. Widespread inequality, violence in every form and everywhere, and so on and so forth… Why don’t the humans make the government work for public good?

Finally, by incessant trolling and curiosity of who does what, what do these people get? Fun, satisfaction of ego, jealousy, or a placebo for their latent desires?

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