When the Ideal Son decides to Cling to his Past (his parents) and Discard His Present (wife)…

Now that ‘Animal’ reviews have taken a backseat, and Sandeep Reddy Vanga has decided to portray only toxic characters, I can share my version of an ‘animal’.

So… this man is an ideal one. He has an excellent reputation in society, I mean, before his friends, colleagues, and of course his family. Even after marriage, he has been able to retain his perfect image before his wife’s clan.

He is responsible, loyal, disciplined, and respectful of elders. Listening to his father’s advice, he married a woman of the city. Assuming, like his father, he could control her, he promptly agreed to the wedding. Unfortunately, unlike his mother, his wife was educated, observant, and married in her late 20’s. Hence, she could see through him.

“Ask any of my hostel mates, colleagues or friends…” He will often boast, “You’ll never get a better man than me!” Thus, he got upset with his wife for acting stubborn and ‘egoistic’.

Right after the delivery, he began to yell at her in front of the nurses, other patients, and hospital staff. The reason: why was she shivering? Didn’t she know this would happen? She should have informed the doctor. And the ultimate: what if his father came to know about this? He would scold him for failing to handle his wife. His reputation was at stake.

Very soon, the man discovered, how his wife was lazy and good for nothing. Compared to his mother and sisters, she wasn’t effective in raising her child. She didn’t have 4-5 children; just one- and, she was always complaining, lamenting, and crying. He lost his patience- quite natural! His father would work 16 hours a day to arrange for the dowry of his four sisters while his mother would look after the entire house without any help. How could she manage while his wife couldn’t?

His wife contracted severe dengue. It was a life-and-death situation for her; but he screamed, “What will I say to my father? He will be angry.” And, the wife coldly replied, “Don’t inform him anything about me- even if I die.” Wasn’t he responsible? O yes. He stayed there with her at night. He arranged for plasma. He arranged for fruits!

His father had contacted the best astrologer to improve his son’s life. He was given a clean chit while his wife was the main culprit. And, from then onwards, the wife started distancing herself from him- even before Covid occurred.

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The wife contracted COVID. This time, he was stern. “You’ve to recover within 2 months for my parents will be coming to live with me.” He had to be duty-bound like his father. Hence, he constantly and loudly criticized her. He deliberately disrespected her in front of his parents and the house helps. His parents were enjoying live entertainment and he was satisfied to prove his sincere love for his father.

When the mother broke her leg, it was her wife who did as much as possible for her. And, when they started openly misbehaving with her, he simply sided with them. Even after her death, he behaved horribly with his wife. He blamed her for his mother’s death. He blamed her for ruining his hard-earned money. He blamed her- for everything.

Today, the father lives with his son, hale and hearty, manipulating his son so that he doesn’t go to his wife. The son discovers new reasons to continue with his screams. From attacking her family to her (verbally, and always in front of her), he leaves no stone unturned to see that either his wife kills herself or leaves the house. After all, no one will ever point a finger at the father and son. Such is their reputation! Even today, what his wife does is governed by how his father will take it!

This man’s love for his father makes him upright. He cannot tolerate injustice or any wrongdoing. But it is limited only to his wife, his child (though less), and her family! Well, even if his wife breaks this relationship (which doesn’t exist any longer) she is answerable. After all, she corrupts him, by triggering his animal instinct. This makes him behave badly with her. Well, he has several tensions and he shouldn’t seek help, for what will his father say? Therefore, she should be a doormat and a mere puppet in his hands.

Well… when the brutal ‘animal’ is accepted such warmly by society, I wonder how will this man be treated. He is a saint, who is multi-tasking just to see his family happy. After all, the victim (wife) is always guilty. Isn’t she destroying the peace in the house, by not obeying his commands, an by daring to breathe without his permission?


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