Do We Really Need Women’s Day?

It is that time of the year again. International Women’s Day is just around the corner now that Valentine’s Day is over. On the one hand, we will see talks and lectures on feminism and women’s empowerment, and on the other, discounts on diamonds and gold, spas and apparel!

This time let’s do something different. Stop feigning what is not. Leave the women to their situations. Instead, let’s empower men. Let them comprehend that what they have been conditioned to abide by is not right. If they go against this conditioning and become human beings, it is fine. It will do better to them and the society at large than ever have been. Learning, re-learning, and unlearning are part and parcel of life- of growing up, of maturing, and which lasts till death.

“I” give her freedom- remove the “I” and nothing is left. Educated and working men still haven’t been able to broaden their perspectives. They may have lived outside their small homes but still don’t know how to treat women, especially their wives. If they live with their parents, in the majority of cases, the ego pops out, and the men turn monstrous. No matter how malicious the parents become, they remain quiet. Irrespective of her, working outside or not, she soon becomes a liability. Even wishing her death (though in front of the world, he is a sage) is well justified.

If a woman sighs or even utters a half-no, a tirade follows. Not always going vocal about rights and justice works well. Not always you can or are willing to escape. No healthy communication can ever happen. No one cares to listen to her side of the story. Now, some would advise her to step out and work. That will cure all her problems. Have you ever paused to wonder about her mental health? No! Take her to a therapist instead; someone who would patiently listen to her, and offer her realistic solutions.

Now, if this is the condition of the educated and well-informed class, imagine the harrowing state of the women at ground zero! Although the women work inside and outside, the men do not treat them well. They must work and digest filth. The women know but they remain silent. Either it’s all about their sins or that’s how the world moves. Go and teach feminism, equal rights, and empowerment to such men! And, even women! Can you?

Amidst such a scenario, every year this farce ‘Women’s Day’ takes place, and is vaguely and irresponsibly celebrated. Be it the advertising and marketing industry or the media, all carefully leave out the struggling and hapless women who are lost in the maze but still have hopes in their hearts. They don’t have ‘inspiring’ stories to tell the world. Hence, you carefully shun them.

So, do we need ‘Women’s Day’?


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