One Women’s Day Contest

I come across a contest in a popular Bengali women’s magazine. Although it is about inspiring women on Women’s Day, the rules have left me crestfallen. In 2024, it presents such a contest!

Only working women, I mean office-going or businesswomen, can participate. Those who live within the four walls and are housewives aren’t entitled to this contest. Even if she is a writer or does nothing, she is not eligible to participate.

I am dumbfounded. First, every woman is working- whether they are homemakers or not. Secondly, the media house is aiming for Women’s Day! Is this how it will inspire and empower other women?

Who said to this magazine, that only ‘working’ women are encouraging? Boss, presentations, deadlines, meetings, and tours- are all these solely important? Why can’t an ordinary woman be uplifting? Doesn’t she face enough impediments on her way? She cannot change her employer. She cannot take a leave. Every moment is a deadline. Her master’s mercurial mood determines her day. Even then she must perform- dedicatedly and sincerely. Hardly anyone pats her and suggests that she be living for herself. Can anyone genuinely offer her help so that she can make a new beginning? No! That’s a grave sin; graver than murder.

Whether she is educated or not, smart and affable or not- how can these traits matter? They, too, have sombre tales in their hearts. For some, getting up from the bed is an achievement. However, it is because of such crassness that these stories never find a vent. Like them, their latent desires die a silent death.

Such contests could have provided women the perfect opportunity to break free of the vicious circles. They can nurture their talents, and can also get appreciated. In this way, they can build and grow themselves. However, the weird terms and conditions deliberately attached to the contests only aggravate the situation.

This again proves that Women’s Day is a mockery of all women. No feminism or empowerment can open the eyes. The diverting messages, actions, and behaviour by those in power and position are degrading. It is perhaps this reason that the crimes against women have become never-ending. The need of the hour, is, therefore, to enlighten everybody about becoming compassionate human beings. Intelligence, feminism, and empowerment can wait.


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