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Here’s Your Wake Up Call – Do NOT Marry A Mama’s Boy If You Value Your Independence & Happiness!

Posted: September 11, 2020

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A mama’s boy will require you to do everything for him like his mother did before his wedding. But isn’t there is a difference between a mother and a wife?

As women, many of us may have said that we’d like to marry a man who’s a single child, while talking to our parents or friends. I believe this is mostly so that the issues related to property division or problems between sisters-in-law may be avoided. And also to avoid the bias between the devrani and jethani may not arise.

However, there is a huge difference between a single child and a mama’s boy!

A mama’s boy is very difficult to handle!

A mama’s boy is way too hard to handle! While it is your choice if you want to marry a single child, an enquiry on the boy’s independence is important. You need to know if he is still dependent on his mother for every single thing.

If you don’t do so, your life has the potential to become hell and it will seem like you’ve adopted a son from your mother-in-law. He will still require you to do everything for him like his mother did before his wedding. But there is a difference between a mother and a wife, isn’t there?

The other issue with such men is that they can barely argue with their parents when they are wrong. And neither can they support their wives when they are right about certain things. This just creates issues and arguments between the husband and wife.

However, in such an argument, the husband is least bothered about the wife, all he wants is that no harm befall his parents. There is nothing wrong with that, but shouldn’t he at least have the courage to oppose and stand up to them when they are wrong?

A mama’s boy will expect you to be exactly like his mom!

A mama’s boy expects and wishes his wife be like his mother. He expects her to handle the house, manage finances like his mother. This man expects his wife’s food to taste like his maa ke haath ka khana.’ There are many such demands that he has.

They rarely consider the fact that the woman may have her own identity and individuality and that she can be someone else. How is a relationship like this going to work today when women are independent and rarely have time to do certain things!

It’s a really debatable topic, isn’t it?

Picture credits: Still from Hindi TV series Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

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