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Why Has This Lockdown Become An Insurmountable ‘Task’ That We Must Master?

Posted: May 31, 2020

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Even during this unprecedented lockdown, we seem to feel compelled to prove our worth – to ourselves, and to others. It’s okay to take a moment and sit still.

Let’s start with counting out blessings!

Most of us are sitting pretty comfortably in our homes, with more than enough food on the table and resources to tide over these perplexing times. We and our loved ones are healthy.

There are economic repercussions but we are dealing with it. Online schooling have become the new norm. A number of new business models are evolving.

Unfortunately, I see an ongoing struggle to prove oneself even in these mystifying times.

Even learning new skills, using time productively and loading numerous food pics on Instagram is not helping to boost our egos.

Isn’t it time we asked ourselves why?

We have always complained about the lack of time, living our fast paced millennial lives. Now, we have time but we want to get more and more busy.

What are we running away from?

Sit down for five minutes without doing anything, without thinking of what you will do next, without planning your next move. Honestly, how many of us able to do it?

To keep busy is good, but are we not able to spend time with ourselves happily?

Why don’t we enjoy our own company anymore?

We need stimulants from outside all the time to keep our mind occupied. Why?

Our approach to life and everything we associate with it has become such a sham. We need constant validation from outside sources to determine our worth. Instant gratification of our senses is the norm.

Our success is calculated by the worth of the smart phone we carry, not by how smart we are. We are judged by the brands we wear, the cars we drive and even which area of the city we live in.

We thrive on the thrill of coffee shops, food selfies and followers on Instagram.

Global marketing and consumerism flourish because of us. We buy more, we sell more and we fight even more.

We fight with ourselves to be happy

Given this scenario, it is not difficult to imagine why most of us found it so difficult to sit at home peacefully. Somehow, all of our education and intellect did not train us to love ourselves without a certificate from others.

We need something or the other to complete ourselves. We work so hard to achieve it, and yet that sense of wholeness doesn’t last.

We forgot how to appreciate a sunrise, a cup of tea, a laugh.

The rush to live, to achieve, to succeed is so strong that we forgot to pause, breathe and actually live.

This lock down gives us a well-timed break to rethink and reevaluate what is important. To sit back and review where are we heading in the future. And most importantly, what we as a society are creating for our children.

Children learn from our actions. This is the best time to set an example for them as to what a simple and meaningful life should be rather than an indulgent and self-aggrandizing one.

Teach them that:

  • It’s OK to not look perfect but be perfectly happy.
  • It’s OK to not have latest smart phone but be smart.
  • It’s OK to live a slow but intentional life.
  • It’s OK to not run after success in everything you do, but live at your own pace.
  • It’s OK to earn a little less and spend time with family and find time for your passion.
  • It’s OK to not follow every trend on social media and be the boring person at times.

Your worth in the external world should not be factor that determines your happiness. Develop a sense of gratitude. Be sincere in your efforts but don’t take your success and failures too seriously.

If we are able to live through this lockdown gracefully, our children would have learned the greatest lessons of their lives.

Do not take this lockdown as a yet another task but relearn and rethink life.

Image via Unsplash

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