Acceptance is Empowerment

Developing the attitude of Acceptance needs patience and practice. It needs a paradigm shift in your thought process and behavior. 

Developing the attitude of Acceptance needs patience and practice. It needs a paradigm shift in your thought process and behavior. 

Acceptance Is Empowerment-

It’s as simple as that. Are you confused or somewhere it brought a smile on your face? Accepting brings in a kind of objectivity, required to look at a given situation or person with absolute clarity. Because when you accept something, it becomes whole and not the bits and pieces anymore. You cannot accept the good and leave out the bad. It doesn’t happen that way.

Acceptance is a state of mind, your understanding of the unpredictable thrust upon you by Life.

In this modern world, everyone is sinking in the mire of realities. Accepting the reality without your sugarcoating view brings you to face the complexities and struggles of it. It empowers you to know your strengths and build on it.

When we choose to accept, we become peaceful. It brings the calm and yet makes you aware about the situation in a crystal clear way. It doesn’t solve anything for you.

It equips you, it prepares you, it provides you with the courage to face the unpredictable.

People change, the dynamics of every relationship changes and the world we live in is a constant flux as it is. The only choice left for us is to accept and not resist.

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Resistance will lead to bitterness, resentment. The indignation of resistance will make you dissatisfied and disgruntled. It makes you angry. But when we start practicing acceptance, we become peaceful. That doesn’t mean we become passive in any sense of the word. Rather acceptance guides you to take responsibility and take action about the situation. It helps you to overcome the frustration that is building inside you.

Acceptance is assertive to say the least.

With the acceptance of a situation comes the responsibility. Accepting the situation doesn’t mean you run away.  It brings in the clarity as to what you can and cannot change. Rather than criticizing the situation and following the traditional humdrum of blame game, it helps you to break the cycle of irritation and irresponsible behavior. At the same time, it brings you to next question. What are you going to do about it? It makes you take charge and be responsible for change however slow it may be. It starts the healing process.

Acceptance is one of the greatest stress buster. A simple example will suffice my point. We all have been stuck in traffic with the nonstop honking and people yelling and you know you are late for something incredibly important. What helps? Nothing except taking a few deep breaths……….. That is accepting. There, the building anger inside you that no one understands how important it is for you and how the world seems to be a miserable and unfair place to be  ……. it goes away like poof.

You see the mind has way with thoughts. It runs like a wild horse but acceptance reins it in.

Acceptance would mean. I am stuck so let me see who all I need to inform and get the work done or make necessary arrangements.

Developing the attitude of Acceptance needs patience and practice. It needs a paradigm shift in your thought process and behavior. Situations and circumstances are bound to arise to make you uncomfortable.

It is the acknowledgement of the fact that pain is there but how much I suffer is my choice.

Either I accept the changing scenario and do something to tide it over or I cry and crib. Acceptance gives you that choice. Hence, I said it’s empowering.

Invariably, you will see slowly you will become more peaceful.

Let’s consider the present situation of COVID lockdown. None of us ever imagined in our wildest dreams that we will be living in the pandemic yet here we are. An event of this magnitude is bound to leave you shaken to the core.

In his book, The Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari makes it profoundly clear how Homo Sapiens are genetically wired to survive. Out of all the six Homo species we not only survived but thrived to the extent that we ended up exploiting the planet and we are the reason many many species are extinct today. I am not here for the academic discussion but it kind of brings solace to me that WE will survive this COVID 19 pandemic too.

Of course, living in a lockdown is extremely tough and we are used to such freedom and privileges, it’s not easy to simple accept the restrictions. With such heightened sense of individualism and ideals of freedom, it is almost unbearable for us to live in a lockdown. To accept it overnight is simply unrealistic. As a result, we are seeing an insurmountable increase in the number of cases with psychological issues and emotional crisis.

Accepting this lockdown, on the other hand will provide you with so many wonderful opportunities you never imagined.

It will make you slow down, be mindful of your actions.

You will look for ways and means to improve your work, your skills, your creativity.

I read a beautiful line somewhere, ”Give me coffee to change the things I can and wine to accept the things I cannot”. This is what Acceptance does to bring you the ultimate taste of freedom, of choosing what you want to keep and what to let go of, what to fight for and when to give in.

May your journey of acceptance be as fruitful as mine!

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