5 Obstacles You Will Have To Clear As You Embark On Your Fitness Journey!

On your journey to achieve optimal fitness, you will have a number of issues cropping up. Here are five major roadblocks and ways to cope with them.

On your journey to achieve optimal fitness, you will have a number of issues cropping up. Here are five major roadblocks and ways to cope with them.

Most of us are struggling to find the right balance in achieving our weight loss targets. Right from crash dieting to overworking at the gym to some times even starving, we engage in activities we think will ensure the best results.

But while doing so, we often forget that these activities will be successful only if we overcome certain roadblocks. The trick with these is to deal with them one at a time and achieve your optimal goal.

Here are five of these roadblocks you may encounter and ways to deal with them:


How many of you have decided on a Wednesday that next Monday would be a good day to start running or hitting the gym? We need to let go of our obsession of starting any new activity on a Monday only!

They moment you decide that you want to make a change in your life, apply and start the same as soon as possible. Don’t wait for a perfect moment, day or week.  Stop wishing, start doing!


‘It was cold so I didn’t wake up early,’ ‘I had a hectic day at work, so I think I’ll skip the workout today.’ How often have we used these or similar other excuses to not go and workout?

I believe, our bodies are capable of doing whatever we set our minds to. You can devote just 45 minutes of the 1440 in a day to any task of your choice! It’s not that big a deal, is it? You are stronger than your excuses. So get up and shake that laziness off right away!

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The most under-rated but dominating factor which hinders weight loss is FEAR. Fear of not being able to complete activities like running or lifting weights.

That you think you’d start panting three minutes into running or won’t be able to lift 15 kg dumbbells or hold a yoga pose are fragment of your imagination. These are the things holding you back!

I’d suggest, you start small- run two minutes instead of three, lift five kilos instead of 15. Move beyond the initial fear and trust me, you will have amazing results!

Lack of Dedication

When you have just begun exercising, there is a lot of zeal and excitement, especially for the first few days or even weeks. But as time passes, you lose focus and the motivation fizzles away.

You need to be dedicated to the cause. Everyone wants to give up at some point of time, but most of the successful people achieve results owing to persistence. They continued putting in relentless efforts irrespective of the rate at which the goals are achieved.


This is one of the major factor that causes downfall! Stop comparing your fitness journey with someone else.

Some people may lose five kilos in two weeks while others might take two months. No two bodies are the same- the physiological make and the functioning differs from person to person.

Your only competition is you! Focus on being better rather than being bogged down by someone else moving at a faster pace. As long as you keep moving ahead, you are on the right path. And the pace at which everything is happening is irrelevant as long as you do it in a healthy way.

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