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6 Steps To Follow If You Want To Get Out Of The Lethargic Pandemic Lifestyle While At Home!

If you also think that the pandemic has turned your life into a lethargic one, here are 6 ways to get back to an active life while at home!

If you also think that the pandemic has turned your life into a lethargic one, here are 6 ways to get back to an active life while at home!

Enter year 2020 and for the first time most of us have actually understood the meaning of a pandemic. The last time we heard the word was probably in our school textbooks. This current pandemic hasn’t just affected global politics, economics and production, it has also hit close to him affecting our daily lives and routine.

The life we were used to or were comfortable living has suddenly been altered to an uncomfortable level of acceptance. Many of us have lost jobs, most of us are not able to balance office and household work in the absence of our loyal and efficient house help.

No one knows how to deal with this pandemic!

We are taught a lot of things growing up, but no one taught us how to deal with a pandemic! No one anticipated it, no one knows how to combat it and everyone is suffering one way or the other.

Pandemic has sent most nations into a lockdown. Social distancing has become the new norm and self sufficiency the new motto. Lockdown after a while is bound to take a toll on your mental and physical health.

Being confined with your own house and living a life which involves minimum to zero physical interaction will hit hard, too hard at times. Mental sanity and health are important topics which are played down many a times.

With the closure of gyms and parks most of us are at wits end when it comes to maintaining physical fitness. Not that one can’t work out at home or follow a healthy diet, the circumstances under which we are living right now doesn’t facilitate the same.

We’re all in a loop of demotivation and stress eating

The pandemic, accept it or not has led most of us into stress eating. Since you working from home or simply home, most times when you feel restless or bored, we walk towards are food containers. This is very natural response to boredom, lack of productivity and stress.

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Our physical activities are confined to walking from one room to another or taking a stroll within society gates. More than 50 percent of us have definitely been the targets of irregular workouts, stress eating, loss of focus and resulting weight gain.

We are in the loop of being demotivated, feeling sad or guilt and then taking refugee in food or a couple of drinks. Rest assured, you are not the only one facing this!

Losing focus, feeling demotivated to workout and gaining weight is completely fine. However, not to amend your lifestyle once you recognise it is not. Here are some lifestyle changes to adapt to fight this lethargic lifestyle.

Develop a routine

Right now, most of us are living a life outside routine. We wake up as we like and sleep when we want, but this needs to stop. Make sure you have a set time for sleeping and waking up, and one hour dedicated to exercise.

Avoid stress eating

You know what, you are really not craving that chocolate or biscuit! Eat home cooked and nutritious food. Throughout the day, eat six proportionate meals. Make sure all of these are balanced and not over the limit suited for your body.

Avoid processed sugar

Try replacing sugar with healthy alternatives like honey or jaggery. Sweet cravings are natural, however choosing wisely is in our hands. So, make the right choice.

Put in an hour of exercise/workout

Whatever it takes squeeze an hour to 45 minutes or workout. It can be anything you are comfortable with or enjoy. Yoga, dancing, HIIT, running, walking or jogging. Your muscles need to move and you need to relax your body and mind with exercise.

Limit screen time

All of us are glued to our mobile screens or laptops through the day. Either for work or entertainment, but our eyes and fingers are working tirelessly. Limit your screen time and find solace or peace by either reading, painting, cooking, drawing or simply staring out the window.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone deals with situations in their own ways. This is no competition that we are living through. Some are good at handling stress while others are not. Similarly, some might have already established a set routine and a healthy lifestyle, that doesn’t mean that you are late or a failure. You grow at your own pace irrespective of the progress others are making around you as not everyone is living under the same conditions!

Try adapting these changes and I assure you some positive changes are bound to happen!

Picture credits: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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