Last Relationship Or Former Job – Why Would You Want To Go Back To The Devil?

Wanting to go back to a former job or partner may seem like a good idea when you feel distressed. But, ask yourself these questions before taking the step

Wanting to go back to a former job or partner may seem like a good idea when you feel distressed. But, ask yourself these questions before taking that step.

I have started feeling that when people say that they would like to go back to the last organisation they worked at or to an old relationship, they say it out of despair.

Have you heard the phrase, ‘a known devil is better than an unknown devil?’ If so, then observe that it is often used when a person is unable to get a suitable job after they have voluntarily quit their job. Or by someone who is lonely enough and craving a relationship after getting rid of a previous rotten one.

Now I would like to ask them, what stops them from exploring a new world, a new organisation, a new relationship?

There are a few questions that one needs to ask themselves before venturing into the dark den of their past. The den that suffocated them so much that they declared a termination of that association to be able to breathe by flying high in the air.

Why was it a devil to you?

To answer this question, you will have to dig deeper and understand the past that you said good bye to. Was it something that did not serve the purpose you had been with it for? Maybe both your value systems and beliefs didn’t match and that made you feel suffocated. Or was it because you wanted to be free of the web that was sucking your true identity?

Think about these and pen them down.

How do you know that the next one will also be a devil?

That is where you will learn that the phrase is lame. By questioning it, you would probably realise that you actually are unaware of what is in store for you. You have given up and you fear the same experiences might take place, however, it is not true. It is just something that you have built up for yourself.

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Wouldn’t you like to learn from your past experiences and move on for fresh ones?

Are you willing to put the same efforts again?

Do you realise what it would cost you to put back your trust and efforts to go back to the same relation/organisation you once termed as the ‘devil’?

This is a serious thought and personally, I feel like there is no point in compromising your values or beliefs just for the heck of it! Going back will not only mean that you will be compromising on a lot of things but your servility will be taken advantage of. This will result in you wanting to terminate the association, faster and much earlier than the earlier incident.

Do you really want to give it another try?

When the foundation of a relationship or that of any organisation is weak, the structure is bound to get weaker. This is a hard fact. Though there are a number of people who go back to the old organisation, they do so when there is a proper structural or management change. This encourages them to try that shift and they are often successful. However, I am sure that this is a calculated risk that they take.

Having said that, my intent is to explain that the past left behind for a valid reason has to be cut off from life and looking back can be disastrous.

You may not meet another devil in the future and may find a human.

So explore the unknown world. A devil is never good, ‘known’ or ‘unknown’ making the least difference.

Harness your courage, wait for a while and look for an opportunity or a relation that completes you or is worth living and working for.

Stop using the phrase ‘known devil is better than an unknown devil.’ Devils are never good and you don’t deserve to be with them.

Disclaimer:  This is not meant for those who were left with no options than to choose their “past” as their “future” for some unimaginable reasons. Ultimately it’s the choice we make for ourselves.

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