My Bad company

After few years of working , I decided to learning driving too.

The first few days were DISASTROUS

I still remember getting a learners license in 1st shot was a big deal. I didn’t clear my exam and had to appear a 2nd time for clearing my written exams for learner license.

While I was trying my luck on learning I found that venturing into busy roads was a big task. I used to get panicked on seeing vehicles coming from all sides and giving me no way to drive. I wanted an empty road with no vehicles, no pedestrians and that was funny to have such an expectations on the Delhi roads.

I also found that halting at the red signals was very tricky for me.  I always used to notice the red lights after crossing that limit despite my teacher telling me repeatedly to stop at the red light. The result was always standing at the crossing juncture, creating a block for the other side of vehicles to drive through.

When one day my vehicle slightly rubbed with an unexpected pedestrian just outside my colony, my sleeps went for a toss.  Invariably I started visualizing the senior citizens, the toddlers getting hit by my vehicle. Few days were traumatic when I finally decided to give up on driving and resort to the public conveyance to reach my office. Initially it was easier and comfortable for me just to take an Auto but gradually something started changing within me.

2 years passed & I started getting unsettled with the daily reliance on the public transport as my office was little out of the way. The regular hassles of waiting for an Auto, negotiating for a right price was getting on my nerves and that exercise was slowly and steadily adding to my mental fatigue. It got so much that I insanely felt a need of  becoming independent. Nothing seemed better than driving my own car.

I decided to give it another shot one more time before I lose my awareness on my compelling need.

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It was a weekend and right after having my breakfast, I called up the driving teacher and requested him to make me learn again. This time I cleared my learner license test in one go and started learning with my focus on. It was a serious affair for me unlike last time when I had focused on my fears, mistakes, “cant do attitude” more than focusing on driving skills.

Now….Driving I guess is the easiest thing to do on this earth & I really feel sad to have wasted my 2 years living with a fear of something I now love to do.

I learnt “Fear is like a bad company. The more you allow it to be with you, the more it settles in you”.

With a conscious mind, & knowing that it’s a “FEAR”, do just the opposite of what it stops you doing from. I am sure that would be worth giving a try.



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