She Knew This Marriage Was Destined To Die…

If Avantika was lacking those emotions which Sandeep had experienced with Ira, would he be happy in that relationship ever?

Sandeep was a tall, fair, charming, and extremely handsome guy who always knew that his charm was contagious. He always knew that he had a natural flair for impressing people, especially females around but at the same time he had always taken marriage seriously and had felt the need of a girl; a life partner with whom he could feel comfortable, with whom he could talk his heart out and with whom he can be just the way he was. His perceptive towards looking at that special relationship could never blossom out in reality because his Mom’s perspective could never align with his thoughts. The unsaid desires remained unsaid for the entire life.

Sandeep was the only son and the apple of his mom’s eyes. Anita (Sandeep’s Mom) who was not less than a model herself had always admired his son for his looks and his personality. She was sure that she would get a girl for her son who would be tall and beautiful so that the pair could complement each other, specially when they were together. More than that, it was a status symbol to have an attractive Bahu for his stylish and dashing-looking son.

She always had fed Sandeep right from his adolescent age with an opinion to look at things from an outer beauty angle that impacted Sandeep’s mind so much that he could never align his definition of “a fulfilling partner” with what he was always taught. It was like constantly sabotaging the deep-rooted definition, Sandeep was born with, to an extent that his capability to look beyond a physical beauty remained restricted.

It was Prahlad’s (Sandeep’s best friend) marriage and Sandeep had all plans to take leaves from his office to be part of the marriage. Prahlad’s younger sister Neeru had also invited her best friend Ira for the marriage.

Ira was a simple average girl but had a different attraction. She had an average height with an amazing glow of her confidence and her inner beauty. She had always dreamt of a guy with whom she could just be the way she was, having no scope of being fake or made-up at any point in time.

That day when Ira entered the hall with her luggage to attend Neeru’s brother Prahalad’s wedding, she was delighted to see the huge family seated across the hall. She knew almost every one of them except for one. Ira had a very brief eye contact with Sandeep who too was seated along with Prahald’s cousins. The exchange of their smiles while greeting each other acted as a cupid hit for both Ira and Sandeep.

Sandeep had as if noticed something peculiar about Ira that was pulling him towards her immensely. He developed a strong urge to speak to her, to know her with no intentions to have a casual flirting but to have a friendly talk. Ira was receiving those strong nuances from Sandeep during every ceremony. She felt if those vibes coming from Sandeep were genuine or were just the same flirtatious indication any young man would try to make at such wedding ceremonies but to her surprise, Sandeep was behaving so sensibly that Ira just couldn’t resist liking him for his sense of humor, for his chivalry and of course for his looks which was like a cherry on the cake.

On the other hand, Sandeep found Ira amazingly simple and beautiful, sensible, courteous, and genuine which was making her many times more attractive than all those girls Sandeep had met in his life. He just couldn’t stop himself from making his first move to talk to her.

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Gradually they both became so comfortable talking to each other that they genuinely felt they were not meeting for the first time. Both felt no need of keeping guards while conversing and that made a beautiful bond between them. Eventually, they started meeting each other after the marriage was over and started talking over the phone more often. Both of them were aware that they wanted to go deeper into their relationship that could finally be materialized in the form of marriage. They both had felt some heavenly connection with each other that they were not in a position to decipher.

While knowing each other more and more, Ira was finding Sandeep a little confused about his dreams. Ira had become sure that one or the other day soon, Sandeep would openly propose to her for marriage and she would say yes to that beautiful bond but she could feel Sandeep pointing out at Ira’s average height on and off.

Ira was keeping those small hints under the carpet until one day Sandeep told Ira that if she was as tall as he was, he would have proposed to her for marriage immediately as Ira was the kind of girl Sandeep had always wanted to have with him as his life partner. For the first time, Ira felt body-shaming coming her way from someone she had started loving so deeply. He confessed that his mother had a strong desire to have a tall and beautiful girl for her son and since Sandeep was very fond of his mother; his mother’s desire was his desire. He could never hear what his heart spoke loud and clear about Ira.

Ira was a strong person and knowing Sandeep, she distanced herself from him to give him enough space to understand his desire and if Sandeep seriously wanted Ira in his life, it was him to fight out his confusion and make his mom understand their relationship.

Sandeep, after almost 5 months, called Ira and announced about Avantika and categorically told Ira that Avantika was tall, beautiful, and not less than a model. Ira congratulated Sandeep and that was the end of their story.

Before marriage, Sandeep met Ira and generally mentioned his discomfort with Avantika as she lacked those emotions that he wanted his partner to have and Ira had them all. Sandeep and Avantika finally got married and Ira stood for her dignity and made her way.

Luckily Ira was a strong individual that she could maintain her dignity but the question arises whether Sandeep could do justice to his dreams?

If Avantika was lacking those emotions which Sandeep had experienced with Ira, would he be happy in that relationship ever?

Did Anita (Sandeep’ Mother) ever try to understand what her son had always wanted from her partner? Would she be able to see her son genuinely happy and settled in his life?

When would we people understand the depth of that relationship which could have blossomed beautifully? When would we understand that a relationship needs emotions that stay for life than the beauty of the body which eventually will die off?

Most marriages die their natural death when people fail to listen to their hearts and choose to run in the beauty contest to satiate their hunger for being noticed and applauded for the choices. It is a high time we start talking to our hearts and listening to our deep-rooted desires than walking the old beaten paths that will eventually take us nowhere.

Image Source: Still from Bollywood Film Bombay Talkies

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