It Was My Call To Liberate Myself, And I Don’t Have To Justify It

It has been four years have gone by since I exited corporate life. I always knew my reasons for leaving that life.

It has been four years have gone by since I exited corporate life. I always knew my reasons for leaving that life.

But, somewhere deep inside, I was not clear about the justification for my decision to people for leaving a good position that was paying me great money.

Yesterday, while clearing my folder on the laptop, I found numerous incomplete drafts saved in my folder- that had reasons for me to quit the corporate world.

I made all those attempts to ensure that people don’t make confused faces- and they don’t show eagerness to know what went wrong that made me take that big decision.

Happiness is an underrated concept

Today, I contemplate: was it so simple for me to step out because that job had stopped paying me my share of happiness but for the world?

However, the concept of happiness is so underrated that leaving a job for happiness is undigestible especially when you are earning good money through that.

I look back and see: I have been busier than I used to be when I was working. I am fine with whatever I am doing. My work gives me contentment, vision, creativity, purpose and money.

I know the money may not be huge, but it’s worthwhile- or happy money, if I may.

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So, I write today to myself discarding all those uncompleted drafts saved in my folder. What I write today is what I meant always but was not finding the courage to translate to the world.

People may think I am far far behind the race
People may think I am far far ahead the race
People may think I couldn’t yet start the race.

But let me clarify and make things easier for people to understand that I am not and never ever intended to be in the race at all.

So, see me as what I am today.
Compare me with what I was 5 years back.
Applaud me for what I could achieve as per my own dreams and aspiration
Appreciate me for how I have evolved in these years.
Recognise me for not how much (wealth) I could earn but what all (respect, relations) I could earn.

I don’t allow anyone to compare me with anyone else because
I was made differently.
I was made to serve a different purpose,
I was made to have different perspectives and outlooks
I was made to have my own pace.
I was made to live a different life
I was made to have my own set of beliefs
I was made with different strengths and shortcomings
I was made to fight different situations
I was made to manage people and time differently
I was made to be inspired by different people in very different ways.

I am a different entity. So, what I can do, may or may not be anyone else’s cup of tea and vice versa

So, I liberate myself today from explaining myself anymore. Better late than never.

Image credits: Prasanth Inturi on Pexels


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