My Mum Worried That I Was Talking About Issues To My Teacher, Not That I HAD Issues!

This teen's parents are not really mindful of the fact that she has problems she would like to share with someone. Read on her account. 

This teen’s parents are not really mindful of the fact that she has problems she would like to share with someone. Read on her account. 

Today, I’m going to share something from my life with you. But before that, let me say that we all have a different philosophy of life, but at the end of the day, life is all about struggle. By the time we are on our deathbeds, life should show a transformation of the self.

Now, a father is every daughter’s hero, but for me he is a symbol of ‘power’. But I am afraid to share anything with my parents, because I feel they don’t understand me, and try to control my life in many ways.

I have a teacher in my college, and she is like a goddess – really, so calm, soothing. I bet if anyone met her, she would unconsciously change the way that person thought, at least a bit.

So when I let it slip in front of my mumma that I share my views, my problems with my teacher, she was furious. Now, my mumma is an intensely anxious person, and she immediately got angry, asking me, “Why do you share things with your teacher? And what do you share with her?”

My disappointment is because my mother was worried that I was sharing my secrets and problems with my teacher, and not that I had problems. She immediately said, “Ab tu dekh, aaj Papa ko bataungi. Ke aisa zulm karte hain tujhpe, jo tu teacher ko batati hain!” (Now just you see, I’ll tell your father today. That we torture you so much that you go and tell your teacher!)

Maybe I’m thinking too much. May be my understanding of my mumma is wrong. But if I am wrong, please correct me, not get angry with me! l don’t want this breakdown coming from my own loved ones.

I just want to confess to all that if you really want to love your family, keep in mind that don’t love them because they are your family, don’t give yourself a reason to love .

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Love for anybody either your family or any other outsider doesn’t need any justification.

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