The Red Rain

A symbolic poem that talks about menstruation and how it unites the women.

This is a poem on menstruation. Red Rain symbolizes bleeding and Red roses symbolize vagina . In the poem, there is a red rose who doesn’t bleed so obviously. She feels the odd one out but here all roses hug her and give her a place in their bunch. This emphasizes on the essence that sisterhood unites women.

The clock strikes thirty. Times up.
It’s time for Red Rain to come
Red Roses wake up from a long sleep
Roses Open up their arms with rejoice
to welcome the Rain.

Red drops falls down
On the roses
Makes them as glossy as honey
Roses giggling
Gossiping with each other
One excites “Red Rain procreates”
Another one muddles “Red Rain puts all of us in a Golden Cage”
One in middle cries
“Oh !!! Red Rain hurts”
Anther one whispers ” If not rain, One is not FIT ”
the wise elder one declares ” Red Rain is our prestige”

In a little corner One
with tears on her cheeks
Bemoaned ” I don’t have Red Drops”
So the one came
And took a red tear from her Red cheek
And sighed “See you have Red Drop, dear”
You still are a Red Rose”

All roses hug her
The bunch
Farewell the Red Rain
To come again ,
When again clock strikes thirty.


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