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Why We Should Write

When you write about anything it gives you the satisfaction that somewhere in the world there is a place where the world is created by you.

Martin Luther said, “ If you want to change the world pick up your pen and write.”

So when was the last time you wrote about yourself or others? Why writing in fiction, non-fiction, journals, articles, diary writing still exists in the world? Even though we have digital mediums of entertainment like TV, radio, music and mobile phones but such was not the case in the past. People of those times used to write for satisfaction, pleasure, a kind of hobby or probably just to pass time. But people have forgotten the art of pristine writing now.

Yes.. they write but only to score good marks or for educational purposes. It doesn’t stem from an inner desire to write. Of course, this modern age is so fast that everything can be done in a snap of a finger and hence we don’t have the time to write.

What were Anne Frank’s thoughts when she started writing about her life? Each page is seeping with emotions. What did these little droplets give her? Why Rassundari Debi, at the age of 60, desired to read and write? She eventually wrote down the first full-fledged autobiography in modern Bengali Literature, ‘Amar Jiban’. What did Gandhi Ji desire when he was writing his book, ‘My Experiments With Truth’? Why a deaf and blind Helen Keller wrote down the struggles of her life?

The answer is because all of them wanted to start a revolution. By revolution, I don’t mean it in the form of rebellion, not for country or nation. It is the revolution of our inner self. The blank paper is always ready to accept as you are. When you write about anything it gives you the satisfaction that somewhere in the world there is a place where the world is created by you.

When anyone reads any piece of writing, the information gets passed on.
Like if I write something that influences my readers, then this may just compel them to pen down their own thoughts and influence others. So the circle of influence is cyclic. Without realizing, we contribute towards a revolution. It is purely magical!

It’s an ‘Infinite Journey of the Revolution of Selves.’

In fiction, we create our world, where we can make impossible things possible. In Ralph Waldo Emerson words, “Fiction reveals the truth that reality  obscures.”

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So pick up a pen and start the journey of revolution, since all our lives are stories of good books which deserve to be read and shared.


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