In writing, trying to find myself. In reading, exploring the world.

Voice of Deepanshi

Unveiling Female Body

A woman is free to wear whatever she wants, the problem lies not in her clothes but rather in the eyes of the gazers

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The Significance Of World Maritime Day

This year International Maritime Organisation unveiled the theme - "Empowering Women In The Maritime Industry", for gender equality and to empower all women and girls.

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The Red Rain

A symbolic poem that talks about menstruation and how it unites the women.

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Why We Should Write

When you write about anything it gives you the satisfaction that somewhere in the world there is a place where the world is created by you.

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Wriggling In Our Society: Stereotypes

We always have certain fixed notions of woman, man, mother, teacher, student and so on. These “fixed” ideas are stereotypes.

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It’s Time To Create A New Sita Who Resists The Agnipariksha

When we accept quietly even those things that unfavourable to us, we are praised as 'good women'. Here's a story of a woman who refused to submit quietly. 

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My Mum Worried That I Was Talking About Issues To My Teacher, Not That I HAD Issues!

This teen's parents are not really mindful of the fact that she has problems she would like to share with someone. Read on her account. 

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Women Are ‘Living Beings’ Too

When I was 6-8 years old, I once saw papa slapping mom, I didn't know the reason and next morning mom prepared papa's breakfast and mine. 

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