She Still Awaits The Phone Call That Never Came From Her First Love

First love is special and always magical, life's one of the best feelings. Roushni's was one such beautiful story but took a different sad course. 

First love is special and always magical, life’s one of the best feelings. Roushni’s was one such beautiful story but took a different sad course. 

This is the story of a girl next door. I am sure we all would have or will go through this stage in our lives. But this is how it all began…

She was just 14 or 15. And yes! The right age to fall in love, isn’t it?

I feel we, the 90’s kids, can relate to this better as we have seen and experienced the change – the evolution of science, technology, and of course love.

Yes, the evolution of love. But I guess now people hardly have any time to fall in love. Moreover, they are busy beating the competitors to survive, in pursuit of a better life.

With this, I introduce to you all my little lover girl – Roushni. Just like her name she was indeed a spark of light. Not the fair or beautiful girl, but the one with a beautiful smile. And Yes, that’s all she had. She had no fashion sense like her peers, she had no boyfriends. In fact, she was mostly unnoticed as she was not a beautiful girl.

She was dark, fat and short. Her classmates, friends and all made fun of her looks. So, she also willingly preferred to remain unnoticed. But love noticed her. As she was growing up and getting close to her teenage, Bollywood films and link ups of friends in class made her fall in love too.

She started experiencing one of the most beautiful feelings – first love. Roushni was turning brighter every day and fell deeper and deeper in love. Just like her friends she also wanted to enjoy the feeling of being in love and wanted to experience constant attention from her crush. The first crush of her life – “Rahul Shukla”.

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Roushni’s dad used to work for a Government farm just like Rahul’s father. But the hunk was a senior and was in college. So, the challenge now was to convey to him that she likes him. But how?!

She had a neighbour friend who was her all-time buddy. One fine day she expressed her feelings about Rahul to her buddy – the savior. And they finally decided to write a love letter. No exaggeration, she really wrote her first love letter after at least about 87 drafts.

Dear …..,

I just want to be friends with you… Can I?

Regards & “Love”

“Love”, she read that word in the letter ‘n’ number of times and hoped that he would also read the note with the same passion like what she felt. One fine summer evening her savior, the buddy took her along with him and they went to hand over her “first love letter”.

That’s the moment… It really did not matter whether she will be getting a reply or not, if he will say yes or not, but it was all about that first feeling of love. Nothing in life can be more beautiful than this. One may fall in love again much later, in a more mature age, make love, get married or whatever. But first love is always very special, simply out of the world.

With time, Rahul and Roushni’s cute love started to grow. When she will be going to school by bus, he would come to the closest store with some excuse just to steal a look at her. This was the best time of the day for them. Both would eagerly wait for that one glance at each other.

They never met in parks or went for movies, but still, there was a connect – an invisible bond which Roushni’s smart friends did not have.

Now she was in a relationship. But eventually, she had to join a college in Kolkata. She got through a well-known college, but she was really upset. But she found a way to keep in touch with her man and that is through phone calls. The trend of mobile phones was still not very common back them. Hence, it used to be blind tries with the landline and expecting to hear Rahul’s voice.

Things did not remain sweet to them anymore. Rahul’s father came to know about his relationship with Roushni and strictly instructed him to get out of it as their families did not encourage love marriage or inter-caste marriage. Later Roushni called Rahul once and he said he will call back.

But her wait never ended. She finished her college, started working, she then did her Post-Graduation, also got a new job and a new life. Still, the call was awaited… No, Rahul never called back. He did not say goodbye or state a reason for leaving her. He just kept her waiting.

Almost 13 years have passed. Now Rahul is a husband and a father. But Roushni is still brightening others and waiting for her Rahul to make that call.

She knows her wait is endless.

Image Source – Pixabay

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