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Being Dark, Dusky, Is Not A Disability, Being Black, Brown Is Not A Disease!

Posted: September 12, 2018

The poet writes about the deep seated malaise in Indian society, which glorifies fair skin, and demonises dark skin – not realising the profound effect it can have on our mostly brown population.

Being dark, dusky, is not a disability
Being black, brown, is not a disease!

I’m dark
I’m dusky
I’m black
I’m beautiful,
I’m handsome too…
Maybe you can’t find it!
But that doesn’t matter any more
Ask yourself
Why it should always be
Fair and lovely, fair and handsome?
Why in every Indian story,
Mythologies, fairytales, Bollywood movies
The prince, princess, heroes…
Always depicted with fair skin?
And the devils, villains
Often portrayed with dark skin?
Why is the idea of being beautiful,
By default attached to being fair?
And only fair mean to be lovely and handsome?

Is really black, dark, ugly?
No, it is not, If it is..
Why is wearing black loved more?
Why are facial moles considered as beauty marks?
People write: “black is love”
Is really black love? Or just black attire.
I’m one in a million who experienced it!
Makes me feel uncomfortable with my own skin!
Yes, society!
You are the reason…..
I didn’t loved the real me.
Installed beauty cameras
Applied filters,
Just to click fair.

Kallu, kaliya, kali…
Hurts, not the words
But those hatred expressions
You know what I feel when someone says –
“Kali hai aacchi nahi lag rahi,” indicating someone.
“Aaccha wala photo do na”
“Tere liye West Indies se ladki lani hogi”
“Aaj tu gora lag raha hai”
“Koi fairness cream kyu nahi lagata?”

It’s not your fault!
We learn, what society reflects.
What does it, really?
You need to be fair…
To be successful.
To be confident.
To clear an interview.
Simply – black, brown, dark, is useless…
And those who endorse fairness creams…
SRK, Sonam Kapoor
Katrina Kaif, Kareena, Kavya
Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra , Virat Kohli… Etc
Stop endorsing fairness creams
Huge crowd follows you,
Think before it…
Skin color can’t be changed,
Don’t support colorism.

But this is not the truth
This is conspiracy,
Conspiracy to make every Indian feel
Discomfort with our own skin
Every skin is loveable,
You have to understand…
You are precious
You are born to be happy
Nobody can put you down!
Unless you allow them..

Just smile and forget what others want
Beauty is not about being fair!
It’s about being yourself!
It’s about having a pretty soul!
Be the faith in humanity
Be happy!
Be yourself!
Be real.

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