What Is My Crime? To Be Born As A Girl Child?

Posted: October 23, 2018

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In this country, the biggest crime most girls commit is to be born female…for which they face punishment everyday.

What is my crime?
What is this curse?
To be born as girl child?
In the womb, at six, eight, eighteen or later..
Why are they killed?
Why are they raped?
Why are they assaulted?
Why are they harassed?
Didn’t you think,
Humanity is going to it’s end…

A female raped,
in every 14 min
Yes, 14…
With our every tea cup’s ending…
Someone’s life get ruined
A female raped…
in police custody every two days.
Doesn’t Khaki seems,
Colour of fear and bias?
A female,
…. gang raped every 4 hour!
…. Raped by a close relative every 13 hours
… Under six raped every 17 hours…
What’s her mistake?
Playing outside the home?
Going to the school, temple? Or…
Her Innocent eyes, sweet laughter,
Her trust, her fairytale dreams?

In whom?
Will she trust,
Neither relatives, Nor cops..
Everyone becomes a beast, a brute..
Yeah! That’s the heart breaking truth!
Isn’t it enough,
To shiver, crumble our soul, heart and mind?
“नारी” she is the reason,
We all got such a beautiful life…
Teach her, lover her, respect her…
Treat her like a lady, not a baby making machine.

Most importantly,
Stop purchasing (dowry) her…
Marry Her,
As your wife, life partner, soul-mate..
Not for a kitchen working maid
Don’t be mad
Be the real man

Whose is the fault?
Is it the men?
Is it the society?
Is it our history, old customs?
Or just our shitty mindset?

Equality is always taught but not executed! 
Every female’s words are always muted…
Feel it, understand it..
Be the real man,
Be the faith in humanity we need.

Data source: NCRB [2011]

First published at author’s blog.

Image via Pexels

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