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A Letter To The One For Whom I Was Just An Emotionless Object

Posted: March 12, 2018

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A letter to an ex that admonishes him not to behave in the same way with any other girl, telling him how painful it has been dealing with his behaviour.

Dear Ex,

It took me immense courage to write his letter. Every time I took the pen in my hand, my fingers trembled with fear and put me in a dilemma – is it worth writing this letter or not? You might find this as an act of stupidity or may be shocked to see me breaking out emotionally. I am sure your perspective of finding me not so emotional and highly calculative in life will somehow change after reading this letter.

It often happens in life that we meet certain people whom we think are meant for us but destiny doesn’t want that. Our meeting was no doubt destined but the assumption that I carried of being with you for lifetime was actually wrong. This letter is just a confession of mine that I had never made.

Today when I sit alone and think about the days when we were together, I somewhere realise that it was actually my fault to have thought of myself as special for someone. Clearly, I was not. I had believed that although I had an unusual childhood with weird memories that haunt me, there is someone who will someday erase those black spots of my life with his colourful love. I was wrong.

I kept on hoping like every other girl does, that whenever I felt emotionally distressed, you would console me and fill me with immense strength. But again I was wrong. In fact, you used the scars in my life to inflict more and more pain on me and trouble me.

Actually, after getting separated from you I have realised how emotionally scarred I have been left; you can never ever realise up to what extent you tortured me mentally. In the false hope of getting love someday, I kept tolerating all your torturous statements and activities, which hurt me today even more than they did earlier.

For you, I was never trustworthy. You found me to be having ‘fake’ emotions in front of you. I cannot change your mental set-up and your way of thinking. But I laugh at your stupidity and at the same time cry at my fault of treating you as extremely special. The girl who used to be cheerful has now lost that capacity.

Although there is no point in discussing and telling you about my condition, I just want to request you to not behave in the same manner with any other girl. To be honest, I feel like describing everything to you in his letter but I know it’s of no use. So, I would put an end to my words. But only want to say that in the complete one year you killed my originality. I just feel every moment, that I have lost myself. I am not the one I used to be.

I had never thought that loving you would pay me in such a harsh way!

Good Luck

Your Ex

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