10 Yum Signature Chicken Curry Recipes From Diverse Indian Cultures – Try Them!

Wouldn't you like to get hold of the signature regional chicken curry recipes from various Indian cultures, all in one place? Here they are.

Wouldn’t you like to get hold of the signature regional chicken curry recipes from various Indian cultures, all in one place? Here they are.

Indian chicken curry recipes are different for the various regions, with a different blend of a variety of spices, a cornucopia of exploding tastes and flavours that are rooted in their cultures of origin.

India is known for its culture, and without tasting the food of a culture, it remains unexplored.

Curries literally give the real taste of the cuisine that every family cooks in. But the excitement lies in the amazingly prepared chicken curry recipes. With the perfect proportions of herbs and spices, fiery heat, an authentic cook’s touch and the feel of the region they come from, different chicken curry recipes of different states of India characterise their wholesome meals in completely different ways.

Here are some signature style chicken curry recipes from different parts of India that will set your mouths watering – try them today..

Patiala chicken curry recipe

A creamy nutty flavoured dish where an omelette is spread over the chicken gravy sometimes, with chicken gravy inside the omelette too, sometimes. Inspired by Punjab, this dish gives a complete punjabi touch to the chicken.

Here’s a Patiala Chicken curry recipe presented by Chef Smita on Get Curried.

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Malvani Chicken Curry

Originating in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, this dish has the Malvani Masala as its speciality. With a touch of coconut base, it gives an authentic taste of the fiery curry.

Here’s a Malvani Chicken Curry recipe presented by Farheen Khan of Farheen’s Kitchen.

Chicken Rezala

With its Mughlai origin, this popular Bengali dish is made using paste of cashew nut, khoya and coconut – this gives a rich flavour, and is made out of boneless chicken.

Here’s a Chicken Rezala recipe, presented by Shampa on Shampa’s Kitchen

Chicken Xacuti

Being a Goan delicacy, this chicken curry recipe gives the local flavours of coconut, cashew nut, and poppy seeds. It has a spicy touch and is made of chicken chunks cooked in gravy.

Here’s a Chicken Xacuti recipe presented by Fatima Lavina Fernandes on Fatima’s Cuisine

Chicken Hyderabadi (green chicken)

As an authentic cuisine of Hyderabad, this dish is spicy and is made from yogurt and a paste of roasted nuts.

Here’s a Chicken Hyderabadi recipe by Fehmima Khan in Cook with Fem.

Chettinad Chicken Curry recipe

This dish made out of ground spices, has a quite spicy flavour prepared mostly in Tamil Nadu, and is a popular cuisine of South India. Combined with curry leaves and tomatoes, this curry is quite fiery.

Here’s a Chettinad Chicken Curry recipe from Harshi’s Kitchen.

Chicken Yakhni

A dish prepared with whole spices and shallow fried chicken, it is mostly popular in Kashmir and is a delight in their dinner menu.

Here’s a Chicken Yakhni recipe from Zaika Dilli 6

Kombdi Rassa

A classic Marathi dish made from a variety of spices and coconut, is a full bodied chicken curry recipe originated from rural Maharashtra.

Here’s a tasty Gavthi Kombdi Rassa by Smita in Kali Mirch.

Nadan Kozhi Curry

The ones who are fond of south style curry will love this dish cooked in authentic Kerala style. This chicken curry is cooked in coconut milk with a combination of spices, and goes well with Malabar parottas.

Here’s a Nadan Kozhi Curry recipe by Anu Ashin in Anu’s Kitchen.

Yen Thongba

Also known as Manipuri Chicken Curry, this dish is from the local chicken cuisine of the Northeastern state of Manipur. The speciality of this dish is the fusing of fresh herb cilantro or fresh coriander, which gives it a tender and aromatic flavour.

Here’s a Yen Thongba Curry recipe by Snigdha in Snigdha’s Bioscope.

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