Medha Shukla

I am Medha, a student. I am a passionate reader and a writer too. I love doing creative artworks. Creativity is important for me in life that keeps one lively and young throughout one's life. Writing is like love for me and a medium for me to rejuvenate. I am also an aspiring journalist. Music soothes me for a while. I like spreading happiness around.

Voice of Medha Shukla

Disability Activist Virali Modi Helped By Mumbai Police; Petitions Amit Shah For Other PwD: Sign It Here

Disability rights activist and social influencer Virali Modi got help from Mumbai police when she tweeted for help; she has now made a petition to Home Minister Amit Shah for the needs of others with disability.

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Sindhutai Sakpal
Sindhutai Sapkal, Mother Of 1000+ Orphans Who Herself Begged To Feed & House Them

Thrown out at 20 by her husband, almost near giving birth, Sindhutai Sapkal lived on streets, hid in cemeteries, but is now known as mother of orphans.

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chicken curry recipes
10 Yum Signature Chicken Curry Recipes From Diverse Indian Cultures – Try Them!

Wouldn't you like to get hold of the signature regional chicken curry recipes from various Indian cultures, all in one place? Here they are.

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dealing with his behaviour
A Letter To The One For Whom I Was Just An Emotionless Object

A letter to an ex that admonishes him not to behave in the same way with any other girl, telling him how painful it has been dealing with his behaviour.

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long distance relationships
Of The The Bittersweet Flavours Of Long Distance Relationships…

Long distance relationships can create havoc in lives of those who go through them, but they can also give you bittersweet memories that you might cherish forever.

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women are powerless
Ladki Hi Toh Hai! Padh Likh Kar Kya Karegi Bhala?!

Women are breaking glass ceilings everywhere, but much of India is still entrenched in the Middle Ages where women are powerless and have no say in anything.

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