With Wit And Humour, Renuka Chowdhury Celebrates The Bold Female Narrative In This Video! #LLRC

After being compared to Surpanakha for her laughter, Renuka Chowdhury speaks about women's agency and boldness and how no power can stop us anymore!

After being compared to Surpanakha for her laughter, Renuka Chowdhury speaks about women’s agency and boldness and how no power can stop us anymore!

After guffawing out loud at what she felt were the ‘untruths’ spoken by the PM of our country, Renuka Chowdhury’s name and laughter went viral on social media networks with the tag #LLRC or Laugh Like Renuka Chowdhury replacing #LOL.

In a recent interview with CNN News, she addressed all this and so much more, for which we are extremely glad as women in India. Watch it below!

The ‘bubbling and simmering discontentment’ and the ‘unrest’ that she talks about is something that I can feel and relate to so, so closely. With major politicians completely ignoring the female narrative, even in this age, it is pleasantly refreshing (I yelled “yes!”) to see a politician addressing the rising female voices in the country.

She definitely did not restrict her talk with the usual fake-goody terms that we’ve become so used to; rather, she mentioned the contemporary examples of activism like ‘SlutWalk‘ and the ‘pink chaddi’ initiatives!

I could hear my own thoughts being articulated by her in this discussion with the host, and I must admit that it feels pretty great to have somebody on the TV  actually SPEAK what we would usually scream at these people on the TV to say instead!

Chowdhury, in this 20 minutes long video, managed to represent almost every Indian woman’s thoughts. This is where you realize how important representation is, in the mainstream narratives like film and television. And with a politician talking about the #metoo movement and the SlutWalk, it raises a glimmer of hope in our hearts for the future of this country.

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Her stance of not backing down after being slandered by leaders in power is an important one.

There are subjective flaws in her arguments, but I think that can be worked upon.

What is more important is the example that she is setting by not becoming quiet or ignoring the issue, but instead taking it head-on and being battle-ready.

We can debate on her basic arguments but we cannot question the concrete base of rebellion that she is endorsing from the female side of the spectrum!

And let’s admit it, she’s hilarious, especially with the imitations.

More power to leaders like Renuka Chowdhury! We need more people like you in power, ma’am!

Image Source: YouTube

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