I Don’t Blame The Rapist, I Blame You!

Posted: February 12, 2018

It is the rapist who rapes, yes, but ‘good’ men who hide behind #NotAllMen are more to blame, for they made it possible for the rapist to think he can rape!

I don’t blame the rapist,
I blame you
I don’t blame the molester,
I blame you

You think you are not at fault because you haven’t raped anyone?
You wash your hands off the blame
Because it wasn’t your hands that bruised her flesh?

Maybe the cuts and bruises were not your doing
Maybe you didn’t tear her open and leave her bleeding

But wasn’t it you who told her not to wear that and go there?
Wasn’t it you who reminded her of her unforgivable error when she returned?

Wasn’t it you who made that joke
About her sister’s breasts and buttocks and arms and legs; even ankles couldn’t be spared?

Who over-sexualized her to her very toes and the crease on her neck?
Wasn’t it you who made a human into a sex toy?
Who had only fair skin and long hair?

No heart or lungs to breathe the air you breathe
A doll who never laughs or cries or makes jokes with her friends
Who doesn’t feel anxious before her exams
Nor on her first date

Wasn’t it you who gossiped in whispers about how her life is ruined now?
How her very existence is a pity!
How she is of no use!

Since the toy’s seal has now been broken
So she is worth nothing?

Isn’t it you who will make sure she never forgets about the attack
Would you have reminded her all her life the same way if she was beaten up and not raped
No! Because the crime doesn’t matter,

It doesn’t matter that she was hurt or traumatized
The only thing that matters is that she lost her biggest prize
Because after all, that’s all she was worth to this world
She might as well have died.

Image source: shutterstock

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