A Cup Of Tea For Mom To Relax With. Finally!

What is this life if mom has no time to relax? For that much needed cup of tea for herself? Here are some personal thoughts by one such mom.

What is this life if mom has no time to relax? For that much needed cup of tea for herself? Here are some personal thoughts by one such mom.

What do you do when you have ample time on your hands? You send the kids to school and they won’t be back for another 5-6 hours. You have plenty of time at your disposal and so what do you do?

I was ecstatic when school finally reopened a few weeks back. It was a crazy one month of summer holidays with the customary visits to the grandparents, movies, dinner at their favorite restaurants, ice creams and smoothies at the nearest café and on top of that the demand to eat something new every day…whew! How innovative can I get, truly exhausting one month.

So you can imagine how utterly happy I am now that I am free to do anything I desire. So I excitedly started planning what to do, where to go and so on…I was looking forward to this day for a month.

But what did I actually do? I merely took out my long pending book to read and made a cool drink for myself, sprawled on my favorite chair … but I could not even make it to the third page – I fell asleep! Now isn’t that a waste of a perfectly good first day of my unofficial holiday?

No of course not! Because we mothers do not realize how important it is sometimes to just relax and slow down. There will always be something more important to do than a cup of tea or coffee for ourselves. But why do we neglect ourselves? Is taking a break and enjoying a couple of hours of ‘me time’ too much to ask? Of course not. It’s just that we are accustomed to putting our family’s priorities before ourselves. We always want our families to run smoothly, without any hassle. And for that we really have to sacrifice a lot. Even if it’s a cup of tea at the time we need most.

We grew up seeing our moms and grannies puttering around the house from morning till late night. They were the first to get up in the morning and also the last ones to go to bed. And between the mundane everyday household chores how many cups of tea do you think they enjoyed? Hardly one or two cups…poor souls.

They never regretted taking care of their family. And we women do take after our beloved mothers and grand moms. We may not toil hard like them since modern gadgets have made our lives simpler (thank God!) and easier. But I think we do tend to have similar mental stress like them if not more. Physical labor may have decreased to some extent but the mental pressures have increased tenfold. And still we do not get the time to sit down and relax.

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So dear Ladies, my advice to you is that involve your partner in the household work. Let them take care of the kids once in a blue moon, while you spend some time doing something which makes you happy. Believe me that is a pre-requisite for a happy family. And not to say about the father-kids bonding which is essentially the icing on the cake! In this super busy era who gets the opportunity to enjoy some leisure time with the children? So coax the dads not to miss this chance and you too grab your me-time.

And coming back to the issue of how am I going to spend my days now… well plenty to do my friend. The mind is never idle, so how can I be short of ideas? The bucketful of wishes are still left to be ticked off from my list. But first let me catch up on my sleep!

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