10 Stress Relief Tips For Moms (SAHMs Need Breaks Too!)

Being a mom is a 24x7 job. She needs breaks too! Here are ten stress relief tips for moms. Pick one and take a break today.

Being a mom is a 24×7 job. She needs breaks too! Here are ten stress relief tips for moms. Pick one and take a break today.

People often think a stay at home mom (SAHM) has lots of time for herself daily, that she is a free bird at home and can do whatever she wants at home. But this is one of the toughest jobs to handle. As there is no fixed 9- 5 time and no fixed schedules, it’s a job that demands your time 24×7.

Continuously playing this role all alone at home is sometimes suffocating and takes a toll on health. Moms often get stressed out and frustrated after a tiring day of babysitting, handling the newborn, bearing the tantrums of naughty kids and doing the daily household chores. To calm down and to de-stress ourselves, we must take mini breaks from our daily routine and come out to experience life on the outside.

Leave the baby with daddy for some time and enjoy your ‘ME’ time for a while. Here are a few ways you can de-stress.

Take an evening walk

Enjoy the evening breeze, walk with a friend, talk about positive things in life, introspect yourself.

Visit a beauty parlour

Once in a while, pamper yourself, go for a facial, body massage, get a makeover. Enjoy the special treatment at the spa.

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Indulge in your favorite food

Have fun cooking your favorite signature dish, try out new dishes, or baking, and don’t forget to enjoy eating.

Sleep like a baby

Sometimes all we need is some relaxation, peace and rest. So go, sleep like a baby.


To remain focused in life, practise meditation daily for some time.

Read a book

Get your favorite author’s latest book and have a good time reading it.

Visit a friend

If you have lost touch with your friends, renew your friendship by staying in touch with them. Visit them. Enjoy the friendly gossip and chitchat.

Watch a Movie

If you are a movie buff, go out for a movie and have some fun time out.


If you love doing art and crafts, spend some time making something interesting.


If you love writing, try blogging about your thoughts, your experiences, your life.

I bet you will be fresh, happy and more relaxed after these short breaks. Being a busy mother, you deserve all the breaks to live a fulfilled life. If you haven’t taken one, go on, take one today.

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