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Have you ever felt an instant connection with an unknown person on the road? That eye contact and that exchange of smiles...have you ever wonderd why?

I see her in the shadows

Withdrawn and weary

Wrinkled hands, tale of a sorry story

Eyes vacant maybe dreams lost too a many

Her feet in tattered slippers drag her drooping  body. ..

Yet her face spoke to me

Across the road,across the crowd

She looked at me like she knew

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Behind the facade of my red lipstick

And my rosy cheeks

She knew the familiar story

Of endless nights and dreary days

Of people I call my own

But now strangers known

Of those little lies we tell

Of those blatant truths we hide

Of egos and false pride

Of hearts we hurt

And souls we tear. ..

She smiled a knowing smile

And I knew she had been there

Living my life living a lie….



About the Author

Srijata Saikia

former teacher and presently a home maker by choice. avid reader, occasional baker with a melodramatic penchant for sunsets and the beach! read more...

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