Srijata Saikia

Srijata Saikia

former teacher and presently a home maker by choice. avid reader, occasional baker with a melodramatic penchant for sunsets and the beach!

Voice of Srijata Saikia


If caring for myself and loving my own being is equal to narcissism for the society, so be it. Read this poem and liberate yourself today!

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Unbroken [#Poem]

Rise woman, fear not your demons, you are the creator, you are your own savior too, let them have a glimpse of the mighty power within...

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autumn musings
Autumn Musings [#ShortStory]

The words seemed so innocent and naïve, unlike her. She felt angry. Poems, unfinished lines of love, friendship, dreams stared back at her.

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cup of tea
A Cup Of Tea For Mom To Relax With. Finally!

What is this life if mom has no time to relax? For that much needed cup of tea for herself? Here are some personal thoughts by one such mom.

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