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Posted: April 12, 2018

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If caring for myself and loving my own being is equal to narcissism for the society, so be it. Read this poem and liberate yourself today!

I will not acknowledge the bewilderment in your eyes,

And I refuse to see the disapproving looks,

Nor will I bow down to your accusations

That I am a narcissist…


If to love oneself when the world lets you down

To respect oneself and follow one’s heart

To abandon fear and learn to accept one’s weaknesses

Is narcissism, then yes! I am

A narcissist, but only in your eyes.


I look into the horizon where the extremes meet

Love and deception – can they truly make me weep

I choose to feel, to laugh, to despair

The saga of life’s endless mirth makes me wonder

Where am I in this tale?


The audacity of the hopelessness that once crept into my bosom

I refuse to let it empower me now

The recklessness of naive love’s abandonment

Moulds me into a bubbling spring, as I flow into my larger self

Where my soul meets my mind, and I am whole again.


former teacher and presently a home maker by choice. avid reader, occasional baker with a

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