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Fighting With Infertility? Don’t Let It Get You Down!

Posted: July 21, 2017

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You are unable to conceive. Should you go on through life feeling sorry for yourself? NO. Look around, and you’ll see other ways of being happy!

When someone asks, “Why you don’t have a child? It’s been so many years of marriage!”… it pierces your soul.

When you take a number of medicines to conceive, and go through whatever your doctor suggests, but still you get your periods on time… it breaks you inside.

When you see your younger siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues around you, having their own children… it kills you.

You feel incomplete. You feel sick, depressed. You feel inferior to all other women having children. You just stop loving yourself – you stop believing, you stop praying….and you stop hoping!

And this is actually where you go wrong. Sub fertility and infertility treatments do not have a 100% success rate, but if you stop trying, you put a full stop yourself. Keep on fighting.

And remember that your education, your work, your behaviour, are the qualities that define you. Not having a child doesn’t make you lesser than other women. A childless life can be equally fruitful, or may be better if you make it. Your hobbies, your passion can make you bigger.

Follow your dreams and aspirations. Keep struggling with the word ‘infertile’, keep hoping. And along with it keep living every moment to the fullest. Love your life, the way it is.

In case you are sure that medically it is not possible for you to conceive, and you want to experience motherhood, then believe me, you are special. You are appointed for a very divine intention. Don’t kill the mother inside you, but look around. You’ll find children who do not have parents. Step forward towards them, and then see.

Life will smile back at you in a way it hadn’t smiled at anyone.

Image source:George Romney [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, for representational purposes only.

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