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I Don’t Want A Girl Child

Posted: December 6, 2019

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I know the title expresses gender discrimination, but, don’t misjudge me if I say that in the fifth month of my pregnancy I am scared to have a girl child.

It took me a long tough journey to conceive, and during this journey I always dreamt of having a cute daughter one day. I am someone’s daughter, and I know how much daughters are attached to their parents. I always hoped of receiving that love, but now, when I have conceived and have successfully completed five months of this phase, I am reading articles on rape, child abuse, child trafficking, harassment and a world full of insecurities for girls. I must say that I am blessed enough that I never faced any such circumstance ever. I am a working woman and have strongly faced the storms of life, and always thought of bringing up my daughter in a way that she develops into a strong independent woman. But, now I feel my baby’s movements inside me, and my motherhood shivers when I think about the mothers of the victims of such crimes.

No, this world is not safe for my daughter. Yes, I am scared. I am scared of men of all ages. Men who are strangers as well as who are family. A threat that I never Felt for myself has seeded inside me. I don’t know I am right or wrong to think this way, but I am scared to have a girl child. And I am preparing myself every minute to have a boy and to teach him humanity at least. Yes, I talk to my baby who I believe is listening to me. I have already started teaching him the way he should respect women, I request him every minute to not embarrass me someday of being a mother of an inhuman piece of flesh. And, my baby, if you are a girl, be ready to face this world with utmost strength. I am sorry, I am giving you birth in this era where an educated doctor is burnt alive by few rascals to satisfy their thirst.

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