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When I Found My Perfect Love…

I will wait for you Raghav. Goodbye! And yes, one more thing, please allow me to decide with whom I feel happy.

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A Moment Of Love

A smile vanished all the marks of tears on my face. A hope of living my dreams seeded in my heart.

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I Don’t Want A Girl Child

No, this world is not safe for my daughter. Yes, I am scared. I am scared of men of all ages.

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“No Women In My Line Of Sight Please”….Why?

This is a true recent incident where at one side was a sexist speaker and on the other hand, were doctors who respected women and left the front rows empty.

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The Pleasure Of the Pain Of The Perfect Love

He was the first in whom I had seen respect for women, attraction towards me, the seriousness of relationships and something that made me love him.

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The Final Goodbye From A Broken Heart

I see your dreams fulfilled and I can feel the pain of the broken pieces of my dreams. I know you are no more mine, neither am I yours.

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I Am Waiting

When you refuse to give up...hoping for a miracle!

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woman of questionable character
She’s A Woman With ‘Questionable Character’ Who Is Not Fit To Be Our ‘Bahu’

The stereotype of women with questionable character is alive and well in the 'sanskaari' Indian society who might not say anything about them, but won't agree to make them part of their family.

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The Birth Of A New ‘You’

A poem which says that you rise like a phoenix after a fall to become a new 'you'.

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The Scars Were Faded, But I Realised That His Love Was Still Alive

A hatred that murdered a relationship but couldn’t murder the love within, the love that had the power to go beyond the boundaries of religion to save humanity, to save lives. Hiding behind an iron staircase, of a shop, I was trying to protect myself. They were on the roads, roaring harshly, with blood in […]

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unsociable daughter-in-law
Why I Would Rather Be An Unsociable Daughter-in-law

I'd prefer to be the unsociable daughter-in-law, rather than the alternative our mothers have been - submissive daughters in law who agree to all social taboos.

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the 27th relationship
The 27th Relationship [#ShortStory]

And yes, when you don't respect your mom, how will you respect me? Learn to respect women dear... and this learning must begin with your mom. All the best for your life - bbye!

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unable to conceive
Fighting With Infertility? Don’t Let It Get You Down!

You are unable to conceive. Should you go on through life feeling sorry for yourself? NO. Look around, and you'll see other ways of being happy!

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a published author
How I Became A Published Author After My Husband Encouraged My Passion For Writing

The true story of a published author who found her passion for writing, and took it up as a goal to be published with her spouse's support.

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