How I Became A Published Author After My Husband Encouraged My Passion For Writing

The true story of a published author who found her passion for writing, and took it up as a goal to be published with her spouse's support.

The true story of a published author who found her passion for writing, and took it up as a goal to be published with her spouse’s support. 

A married woman life with a career means a life full of professional and personal responsibilities. But if you have a passion for something, it beats inside you with every heartbeat.

Such was my life. Husband, family and a government job was sufficient to occupy my 24 hours. There was no time for hobbies in the early years of my marriage. But, instances of beauty around me – the drops of rain, the beauty of the sunset, blooming flowers, the earthy smell of rains, romantic songs… all these always lured me away from the practical reality of life and transported me into the world of poetry and romance, that I always loved to pen down in my teenage.

One day, my husband read some of my work that I had written in my free time before marriage. He liked it and for the first time I realised that a reader may like and really understand the emotions I pen down. I sent some of my short fiction work to few magazines.

In the beginning I was disappointed and disheartened as my work was rejected. Whenever I drew a book out of a shelf in a bookstore, I dreamt of my name being printed over such a book one day. I kept on writing short fiction and sending them to magazines.

Soon, some of my work was appreciated and got published. Reviews pushed me more to pen down my thoughts. I began to write down my real life experiences, linked them and fleshed them out with my imagination to create a story. The books I had read helped me frame a story. This passion of writing gripped me so much that I would write on my mobile everywhere and anywhere I got even a few free minutes…at office…at family functions…at home…at social events…just about everywhere!

Soon my story took a shape. In around two and a half years I wrote and rewrote the story many times. Every time it had a different beginning and a different climax. I wasn’t a professional writer and hence I lacked the confidence to bring it in front of the world. I had no writer friend either, to whom I could turn for advice. My husband and some close friends found out the ways to publish my work.

I talked to many self publishing firms and got disheartened by their business oriented approach towards my creativity. Finally, I had a talk with the publishers who agreed to publish my debut novel The Soulmates.

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It is not just a novel, but my dream. Not just a story, but my real life. Not just a book, but a promise to not drop my pen again due to responsibilities of personal life…ever!

Today, people know me, not just as someone’s wife, someone’s daughter, a government officer – but as a writer who writes emotion in the most real and simple form possible. It is not to make money out of it, but to express my inner self, and to connect to many hearts.

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